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Super Bomb Rush! Achievements

Full list of Super Bomb Rush! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Super Bomb Rush! has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Puzzle Bug Puzzle Bug 0 You've completed every Challenge! Real noice! 110
Feel The Rush! Feel The Rush! 0 You've unlocked Goal Rush Mode! Roll out! 10
Keep On Ticking Keep On Ticking 0 You've just cleared Arcade Mode! Congrats! 30
Untouchable Untouchable 0 You've just cleared Master Mode! Simply incredible! 50
Savant Savant 0 You've just cleared Legendary Mode! What are you?! 110
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes 0 You've just cleared Goal Rush Mode! Sssmooth! 50
Ciao Buddy! Ciao Buddy! 0 You've played a round of Versus Mode! 15
Best Of Friends Best Of Friends 0 You've cleared Co-op Mode! High five each other immediately! 50
Barney Was Here Barney Was Here 0 You defused a Legendary bomb! Legen-wait for it... 10
At Least You Tried... At Least You Tried... 0 Hey...look at it this don't NOT suck. Right? Maybe? 30
If I Were A Rich Man If I Were A Rich Man 0 1,000,000 Rush Coins?! Fill a vault and go for a swim! 50
Master Exploder Master Exploder 0 You completed the Master Exploder Challenge! You're so Tenacious! 50
Legends Never Die Legends Never Die 0 You completed the Legends Never Die Challenge! They'll make statues in your name! 50
Pro Hobbyist Pro Hobbyist 0 You completed the Pro Hobbyist Challenge! Knight takes Queen, amirite? 50
Play It Again Sam Play It Again Sam 0 You completed the Play It Again Sam Challenge! 50
Master Of Defusal Master Of Defusal 0 You completed the Master Of Defusal Challenge! Just now! 50
Hey, Big Spender Hey, Big Spender 0 You completed the Hey, Big Spender Challenge! 50
Frenemies Frenemies 0 You completed the Frenemies Challenge! 50
Bestest Buds Bestest Buds 0 You completed the Bestest Buds Challenge! 50
Socially Networked Socially Networked 0 You completed a Social Challenge! Get you! 30
Elitist Elitist 0 You completed an Elite Challenge! Can I...shake your hand? 10
Uber Trooper Uber Trooper 0 You just completed an Uber Challenge! You are one with the machine! 10

Secret Achievements

U Wot M8? U Wot M8? 0 U git gud cuz u have mad skillz! Confirmed! 10
Once In A Blue Moon Once In A Blue Moon 0 You punched a Bonus Button and won the lottery! 15
Devil's Due Devil's Due 0 You just reset your game progress! Willingly! Mwahahaha! 10