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Redout Achievements

Find all the Redout achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

VANGUARD VANGUARD 0 Balance is all that matters. 10
DRAGOON DRAGOON 0 You unlocked the Dragoon, the fastest ESA-AGR ship. 40
CENTAUR CENTAUR 0 Durability is all that matters. 10
ODIN ODIN 0 You unlocked the Odin, the fastest Koeniggswerth ship. 40
QAREEN QAREEN 0 Speed is all that matters. 10
MARID MARID 0 You unlocked the Marid, the fastest Sulha AG ship. 40
GILA GILA 0 Raw power is all that matters. 10
IINI IINI 0 You unlocked the Iini, the fastest Conqueror ship. 40
TAKATORA TAKATORA 0 You got boost power! 10
NOBUNAGA NOBUNAGA 0 You unlocked the Nobunaga, the fastest ASERA ship. 40
GT9 STRADALE GT9 STRADALE 0 Power is nothing without control. 10
GTX COMPETIZIONE GTX COMPETIZIONE 0 You unlocked the GTX, the fastest Lunare Scuderia ship. 40
CHALLENGER CHALLENGER 0 You unlocked a Class 2 ship and now you are ready to race in Class 2 tournaments. 20
PRO PRO 0 You unlocked a Class 3 ship and now you are ready to race in Class 3 tournaments. 30
ACE ACE 0 You unlocked a Class 4 ship. Blinking is not allowed anymore! 40
TRICK UP YOUR SLEEVE TRICK UP YOUR SLEEVE 0 You obtained an active powerup. 10
TACTICIAN TACTICIAN 0 You obtained all active powerups. 40
SNEAKY SNEAKY SNEAKY SNEAKY 0 You obtained a passive powerup. 10
HIDDEN POWER HIDDEN POWER 0 You obtained all passive powerups. 40
NATURAL BORN WINNER NATURAL BORN WINNER 0 You obtained your first gold medal. The path to become a true SRRL legend starts from here. 30
FASTER THAN EVER FASTER THAN EVER 0 You broke the speed of sound. How did that feel? 40
HARDCORE HARDCORE 0 You won a Score Endurance event. Your cold blood and patience are impressive! 30
CHALLENGE THE WORLD CHALLENGE THE WORLD 0 You won an online match. How does that feel? 30
CALLING HOUSTON CALLING HOUSTON 0 You missed a landing. Remember: “Everything that goes up…” 10
ENLIGHTENED ENLIGHTENED 0 You won the final Career event. You are a true Redout pilot. 50
ON A ROLL ON A ROLL 0 You won 3 consecutive events. Now we are talking! 30
SHINY SHINY GOLD SHINY SHINY GOLD 0 You won 15 Career events. Not too many pilots can say that. 20
PILE UP TROPHIES PILE UP TROPHIES 0 You won 45 career events. You are now part of the history of the SRRL. 40

Secret Achievements

SHOW OFF SHOW OFF 0 You fully upgraded a Class 1 ship. Not sure how that’s useful, but good job. 50
TUNING MANIAC TUNING MANIAC 0 You fully upgraded a Class 4 ship. You are now prepared to race in the fastest SRRL league. 50
BETTER THAN EVER BETTER THAN EVER 0 You obtained your first platinum medal. Now this is a victory! 50
RESPWND RESPWND 0 You exploded 5 times in a single lap. Do not drink and drive! 40
FLAWLESS FLAWLESS 0 You ran a perfect lap in Score Endurance. 20
PHOTO FINISH PHOTO FINISH 0 You won a Race by less than 500ms. Actually a lot of time in the SRRL. 20