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Iron Crypticle Achievements

Find all the Iron Crypticle achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Take Heart Take Heart 0 Pick Up 10 Hearts In A Single-Player Game Session 30
You Can Do It! You Can Do It! 0 Complete The First Floor On Hard Difficulty 30
Not The Boss Of Me! Not The Boss Of Me! 0 Defeat Boulderface 15
The Eyes Have It The Eyes Have It 0 Defeat The Giant Peepwort 25
Holy Teeth, Bat-Thing! Holy Teeth, Bat-Thing! 0 Defeat Gnasher 25
Shell Shock Shell Shock 0 Defeat Hexapod 25
Statistically Significant Statistically Significant 0 Collect Or Buy 5 Stat Increases In A Single Game 15
Monstrous Monstrous 0 Defeat 1000 Monsters 30
Room Service Room Service 0 Clear 50 Rooms Of Monsters 30
Gold Grabber Gold Grabber 0 Collect 1000 Points Worth Of Coins 30
Safe And Sound Safe And Sound 0 Finish A Non-Boss, Non-Empty Room Without Taking Damage 15
Got The Idea Got The Idea 0 Get 100 100x8s In A Single Game 30
Golden Retriever Golden Retriever 0 Find The Golden Kitty 15
Master At Arms Master At Arms 0 Use 10 Different Weapon Types 15

Secret Achievements

Early Bird Early Bird 0 Defeat 3 Types Of Miniboss 30
Axes Of Evil Axes Of Evil 0 Defeat A Boss Without Using A Weapon Pickup 90
Unscathed Unscathed 0 Defeat A Boss Without Taking Any Damage 30
You Don't Scare Me! You Don't Scare Me! 0 Defeat Madame Tentacles 30
Behind The Mask Behind The Mask 0 Defeat The Phantom 90
Fist Full Of Dynamite? Fist Full Of Dynamite? 0 Use The Atomic Fist 20 Times 15
Pest Control Pest Control 0 Complete An Infestation Room 15
Muddy Waters Muddy Waters 0 Complete The Mud Pits 15
Grave Encounters Grave Encounters 0 Complete The Graveyard 15
Under The Skin Under The Skin 0 Complete The Catacombs 15
Magic Pockets Magic Pockets 0 Collect 1000 Food Items (Increasing Score Type) 30
Shopaholic Shopaholic 0 Buy 10 Items In A Shop 15
Arcade Addict Arcade Addict 0 Complete Castle Crushers 3 Times 30
Axing For It Axing For It 0 Finish A Regular Room Without Using A Weapon Pickup 15
What Does It Mean? What Does It Mean? 0 Get Rainbow Power 30
Bonus Payment Bonus Payment 0 Collect All BONUS Letters 25
Consolation Prize Consolation Prize 0 Get The Golden Poop 25
Avid Reader Avid Reader 0 View 20 Item Descriptions In The Ledger 15
Is That All You've Got? Is That All You've Got? 0 Defeat A Boss In All Its Incarnations 30
Scholar Scholar 0 Use 5 Different Scroll Types 25
Forward Planning Forward Planning 0 Find A Map 15
Where Did You Come From? Where Did You Come From? 0 Destroy A Fire Bug 15
Lemon Aid Lemon Aid 0 Collect 30 Lemons In A Single Game 25
Never Ending Story Never Ending Story 0 Complete 10 Waves In Endless Mode 30