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Poi Achievements

Find all the Poi achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Junior Explorer Junior Explorer 0 Earn your first Explorer Medallion. 10
First Death First Death 0 Sometimes, things don't always go as planned. 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Purchase an item from the shop. 10
The Amazing Archaeologist The Amazing Archaeologist 0 Find ALL the Fossils. 50
Bonk! Bonk! 0 Hey, watch where you're rolling! 10
Classic Platforming Classic Platforming 0 Do a triple jump. 10
Meet the Merchant Meet the Merchant 0 Discover the mysterious travelling merchant. 10
Cozy Canyon Mastery Cozy Canyon Mastery 0 Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Cozy Canyon. 50
Mount Magma Mastery Mount Magma Mastery 0 Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Mount Magma. 50
Sinking Sands Mastery Sinking Sands Mastery 0 Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Sinking Sands. 10
Fledgling Explorer Fledgling Explorer 0 Collect 10 Explorer Medallions. 50
Crystal Cavern Mastery Crystal Cavern Mastery 0 Collect all the Explorer Medallions in Crystal Cavern. 50
The Milky Way Globe The Milky Way Globe 0 Find the legendary treasure. 100
An Alternate Dimension An Alternate Dimension 0 Beat the game in New Game+ mode. 200
Master Explorer Master Explorer 0 Collect ALL the Explorer Medallions. 100
Costume Quest Costume Quest 0 Find all of the hidden costumes. 50
Hat Kid Hat Kid 0 Find a hidden hat. 10
Planet K-0 Planet K-0 0 Visit the hidden planet. 10
To the Mysterious Gate! To the Mysterious Gate! 0 Meet the requirements to open the Mysterious Gate. 30
POW! POW! 0 Kick a Bucket Head. 10
Pin Bird Protector Pin Bird Protector 0 Rescue all the baby Pin Birds. 10
Tour Guide Tour Guide 0 Discover ALL the Locations. 50
Master Mechanic Master Mechanic 0 Find ALL the Golden Gears. 50
Creature Biologist Creature Biologist 0 Take a picture of ALL the creatures. 50
Say Cheese! Say Cheese! 0 Take a picture of the Master Explorer. 10