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Ink Achievements

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

INKtroduction INKtroduction 0 Welcome to INK. Good luck! 10
INKompetent INKompetent 0 How can you be so bad? 10
INKjustice INKjustice 0 What did it ever do to you? 25
INKarnation INKarnation 0 They just keep coming back! 25
INKsolent INKsolent 0 Better show some respect 50
INKapacitated INKapacitated 0 Are you OK? 50
INKling INKling 0 I had a feeling something was here... 50
INKfamous INKfamous 0 I've heard bad things about you... 75
INKoming INKoming 0 Didn't see me coming now, did ya? 75
INKvisible INKvisible 0 Find 10 hidden messages 75
INKgenious INKgenious 0 Didn't know you could do that 75
INKognito INKognito 0 Should hide things better next time 75
INKredible INKredible 0 You really are amazing! 95
INKvinsible INKvinsible 0 Nothing can stop you 95
INKfirmary INKfirmary 0 How have you not had a heart attack yet? 100
INKferno INKferno 0 You probably went through hell to get this 115