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The Coma: Recut Achievements

Find all the The Coma: Recut achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Kindred Nerd Kindred Nerd 0 Talk to a kindred nerd. 40
School Bully School Bully 0 Survive a bully encounter. 40
K-pop Idol K-pop Idol 0 Find a Korean pop idol. 40
Peeping Tom Peeping Tom 0 Peeping Tom? 40
Pretty Face, Strange Place Pretty Face, Strange Place 0 Who invited this guy to the party? 40
Hacker Elite Hacker Elite 0 Some people just can't hack it. 40
Mathematician Mathematician 0 Just do the math! 40
The Shade The Shade 0 Dance with death. 40
Survived the Reaper Survived the Reaper 0 Brush with death. 40
Childhood Friends Childhood Friends 0 Connect with a childhood friend. 40
Hungry Ghost Hungry Ghost 0 Meet a hungry ghost. 40
Good Karma Good Karma 0 Reap the rewards of good karma. 40
Pizza Bread Pizza Bread 0 Sharing is caring. 40
Crappy Art Crappy Art 0 Find that shitty watercolour. 40
Hide & Seek Hide & Seek 0 Seho's hiding place. 40
Shanked Shanked 0 This chump got shanked! 40
The Noteman The Noteman 0 Someone of note. 40
Ghost Vigilante Ghost Vigilante 0 Meet a Ghost Vigilante. 40
Picasso Picasso 0 Even Picasso had to start somewhere. 40
Class 1-E Class 1-E 0 There and back again? 40
First Hurdle First Hurdle 0 1 objective cleared. 40
Second Hurdle Second Hurdle 0 2 objectives cleared. 40
Third Hurdle Third Hurdle 0 3 objectives cleared. 40
Honest Heart Honest Heart 0 Objectives cleared with an honest heart. 80