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Mages Of Mystralia Achievements

Full list of Mages Of Mystralia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mages Of Mystralia has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ghost Buster Ghost Buster 0 Complete the Ghost Buster quests 30
Gate Crasher Gate Crasher 0 Find the Mystralian Elixir 30
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Find 60 chests 30
The Mage's Path The Mage's Path 0 Find all the runes 30
A Mage's Arsenal A Mage's Arsenal 0 Find every wand 30
Completionist Completionist 0 Reach 100% completion 100
Blood Mage Blood Mage 0 Fully upgrade your health 30
Arcane Mage Arcane Mage 0 Fully upgrade your mana 30
Rune-Ception Rune-Ception 0 Create a spell that uses all four elements 30
Lazy Wizard Lazy Wizard 0 Use a Teleportation Anchor 5 times in one adventure 15
Scrooge Scrooge 0 Collect a total of 2500 green soulbeads in one adventure 90
Traitor! Traitor! 0 Make a Boar-Rider defeat an ally 5 times in one adventure 15
Live Live Live Live Live Live 0 Use a Scarab during a boss battle 15
Gossip Queen Gossip Queen 0 Have a conversation with 30 NPCs in one adventure 15
Spell-Stroyers Spell-Stroyers 0 Defeat 500 enemies in one adventure 90
Rekt Tower Rekt Tower 0 Complete the Dark Tower in under 10 minutes without dying 100

Secret Achievements

Tougher than She Looks Tougher than She Looks 0 Defeat the Goblin Champion 15
Wildfire Wildfire 0 Defeat the Giant Wood Wretch 15
Cold-Hearted Cold-Hearted 0 Defeat the Ice Lizard 15
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Defeat the Ghost Queen 30
Air Mastery Air Mastery 0 Earn the Aura mastery 15
Water Mastery Water Mastery 0 Earn the Aqua mastery 15
Earth Mastery Earth Mastery 0 Earn the Gaea mastery 15
Fire Mastery Fire Mastery 0 Earn the Igni mastery 30
Spell Duelist Spell Duelist 0 Defeat the Councillor 100
The Floor is Lava! The Floor is Lava! 0 Stay on your Creo spells for 2 minutes without touching the ground 15
Reaper Reaper 0 Defeat 5 goblins with the same spell 15
It's Not Me It's Not Me 0 Defeat 10 enemies with your clones 15
Fancy Shooter Fancy Shooter 0 Defeat an enemy with an Actus spell with a Left or Right rune from far away 15
Vandalism Vandalism 0 Destroy a total of 1000 objects in one adventure 10