Dovetail Games Euro Fishing - Manor Lake Farm Achievements

Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Good Start Good Start 0 Caught 5 Manor Farm boss fish 20
Can't Catch Me! Can't Catch Me! 0 Lost your first Manor Farm boss fish 10
Quantity Over Quality Quantity Over Quality 0 Caught 150 fish in Manor Farm 20
Weight Training Weight Training 0 Caught 10 fish weighing over 40lb in Manor Farm 20
Dud Catch Dud Catch 0 Caught the wrong species type in a Manor Farm Live Tournament 10
Trophy Lover Trophy Lover 0 Caught all boss fish from Manor Farm 40
Spice Of Life Spice Of Life 0 Caught a boss fish of each species in Manor Farm 30
Like Clockwork Like Clockwork 0 Caught 3 boss fish in one session at Manor Farm 30
Bragging Rights Bragging Rights 0 Won a multiplayer session in Manor Farm 10
Show Me The Money Show Me The Money 0 Claimed the reward for participating in a Manor Farm Live Tournament 10

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