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Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament Achievements

Find all the Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Traveling Start! Traveling Start! 0 Chp.1 Completed 15
Her story Her story 0 Chp.2 Completed 15
Decision Decision 0 Chp.3 Completed 15
Mystery Mystery 0 Chp.4 Completed 15
Fate/Truth Fate/Truth 0 Chp.5 Completed 15
Fighting Fighting 0 Chp.6 Completed 15
Your spirit is mine Your spirit is mine 0 Chp.7 Completed 15
Huaxu Huaxu 0 Chp.8 Completed 15
Thank you by DOMO Thank you by DOMO 0 Chp.9 Completed 20
Equitment Library Equitment Library 0 Battle Collection Completed 25
Everyone is unique Everyone is unique 0 Use All Talent to enter battle at least one 10
Stars all around Stars all around 0 Use Yu's Talent to enter battle by 100 times 35
Ghost Ghost 0 Use Muyue's Talent by 100 times 35
Precious!! Precious!! 0 Use Ziqiao's Talent to battle by 100 times 35
Fatal attack Fatal attack 0 Use Fengyu's Talent to battle by 100 times 35
Inventor Inventor 0 Finish Yu’s story 15
Hercules Hercules 0 Finish Ziqiao’s story 15
Ice Queen Ice Queen 0 Finish Muyue’s story 15
Prince Charming Prince Charming 0 Finish Fengyu’s story 15
Fly~~~ Fly~~~ 0 Finish Aqi’s story 15
No more quests! No more quests! 0 All quests has finished 50
DOMO lover DOMO lover 0 Finish all missions from DOMO 25
I am Good I am Good 0 Finish Game in any Difficulty 30
More and More More and More 0 Start second round 30
Xuan Yuan Library Xuan Yuan Library 0 All Collection Completed 40
Fire!Fire!!Fire!!! Fire!Fire!!Fire!!! 0 Succeed set fire without discovering by Enemy Clan Warrior 25
Exhaust the use of property Exhaust the use of property 0 Treasure Chest demolished 25
Farmer Farmer 0 Raise All Character to Lv.99 30
Money talks Money talks 0 Having over 1,000,000 Bei. 20
Enjoy the game Enjoy the game 0 Over 100 hours Game time. 30
Entity Library Entity Library 0 Entity Collection Completed 25
Powerful Miracle Powerful Miracle 0 Upgrade a Miracle to level 10 25
King's Guardians King's Guardians 0 Completed Guardian setting for the first time 10
See my Cauldron! See my Cauldron! 0 Spirit Infusion once in battle 10
Marvelous Battle Formation Marvelous Battle Formation 0 Switch Battle Formations in battle 10
Skill master Skill master 0 Upgrade any skills in Magic to the highest level 20
Don't piss me off Don't piss me off 0 Single damage over 50000 in a battle 30
Stop sleeping Stop sleeping 0 Revives companions once in a battle 10
Pill popper Pill popper 0 Used medicines over 1000 times in battle 20
My name is Mars My name is Mars 0 Defeat all map Boss 20
Recipes Library Recipes Library 0 Forging recipes collection Completed 25
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 All Treasure Chest Opened 25
Forged Master Forged Master 0 Forged all item 15
Forged Apprentice Forged Apprentice 0 Used Forging least once 10
I Am Legend I Am Legend 0 All Trophy Achievement 50