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Marble Void Achievements

Full list of Marble Void achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Marble Void has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Orb Farmer Orb Farmer 0 Collect 500 lifetime Orbs 10
Orb Dropper Orb Dropper 0 Collect 100 lifetime Orbs from Orb Drop 15
Post Haste Post Haste 0 Earn Bronze on any level 10
Nimble Nimble 0 Earn Silver on any level 25
Swift Pace Swift Pace 0 Earn Gold on any level 25
You've got Balls You've got Balls 0 Unlock a new marble 5
In Orbit In Orbit 0 Complete Red Planet in under 15 seconds 15
Bumper Master Bumper Master 0 Complete Emaciated in under 25 seconds 10
You wanna get high? You wanna get high? 0 Complete So High in under two mintues 25
Sector Chaser Sector Chaser 0 Complete 100 sectors in the Endless mode 25
Void Creator Void Creator 0 Created a custom level 25
Augmentation Augmentation 0 Unlock all original Marbles, Accessories and Trails 50
Digital Enlightenment Digital Enlightenment 0 Earn 100% completion in all levels 100
Equidistant Equidistant 0 Complete all Medium levels 50
Grid Jumper Grid Jumper 0 Complete all levels 100
Jetpack Apprentice Jetpack Apprentice 0 Use the Rocket powerup for the first time 5
Jump! Pogo! Pogo! Pogo! Jump! Pogo! Pogo! Pogo! 0 Use the Jumper powerup for the first time 5
Just the Beginning Just the Beginning 0 Complete all Easy levels 5
Marble Neophyte Marble Neophyte 0 Attain 100% completion on any level (All Orbs, Gold Trophy) 15
Orb Collector Orb Collector 0 Collect all Orbs in every Easy level 15
Orb Compiler Orb Compiler 0 Collect all Orbs in every Medium level 25
Orb Finder Orb Finder 0 Find all Orbs on any level 15
Orb Hoarder Orb Hoarder 0 Collect all Orbs in every Hard level 50
Orb Master Orb Master 0 Collect every Orb in the game 75
Speed Runner Speed Runner 0 Earn Gold on all levels 100
Unabridged Unabridged 0 Complete all Hard levels 100
Traverse The Void Traverse The Void 0 Achieved 100% on Extreme 100