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Zombie Party Achievements

Find all the Zombie Party achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Financial Stability! Financial Stability! 0 Have at least 5,000 gold in your bank account. 50
A Modest Living! A Modest Living! 0 Have at least 10,000 gold in your bank account. 100
Filthy Rich! Filthy Rich! 0 Have at least 25,000 gold in your bank account. 150
Mr. Hoppy! Mr. Hoppy! 0 Jump 50 times! 50
High Score! High Score! 0 Break 1,000,000 points! 50
Pro Score! Pro Score! 0 Break 5,000,000 points! 100
Sick Score! Sick Score! 0 Break 10,000,000 points! 150
Defeat Zomboss! Defeat Zomboss! 0 Destroy the infamous Zomboss! 50
Defeat Pyraboss Defeat Pyraboss 0 Bring down the Illuminati. 50
Defeat Frostyboss Defeat Frostyboss 0 Turn Frosty into a puddle. 50
Defeat Octoboss Defeat Octoboss 0 Whats for dinner? It's calamari. 50
Defeat Skullboss Defeat Skullboss 0 Bring down his flames of hatred and destruction. 50
Defeat Centiboss Defeat Centiboss 0 Destroy him one segment at a time! 0
Defeat the Dance King and Beat the Game! Defeat the Dance King and Beat the Game! 0 Beat the Dance King in Adventure Mode! 100