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The Mummy Demastered Achievements

Full list of The Mummy Demastered achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

My Enemy, Myself My Enemy, Myself 0 Die and be resurrected again by Ahmanet 5
Bandage Your Wounds Bandage Your Wounds 0 Collect a Health Pack 15
Lock and Load Lock and Load 0 Collect a Bandoleer 15
Not a Tomb, But a Prison Not a Tomb, But a Prison 0 Collect the Rappel Gear 5
Prodigium Protection Prodigium Protection 0 Collect the Ring of Wadjet 25
Hanging Around Hanging Around 0 Collect the Scroll of Khepri 25
Crush the Darkness Crush the Darkness 0 Collect the Horus Bracer 25
Seker Seeker Seker Seeker 0 Collect the Ankh of Seker 25
To New Heights To New Heights 0 Collect the Scroll of Heket 25
Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground 0 Collect the Crown of Apis 25
Leave Them In The Dust Leave Them In The Dust 0 Collect the Scroll of Qebui 25
Escape the Watery Grave Escape the Watery Grave 0 Collect the Scroll of Anuket 25
That Was Intense That Was Intense 0 Escape to the chopper after defeating Ahmanet 50
Undead Agent Undead Agent 0 Beat the game without dying 100
To Rappel Evil To Rappel Evil 0 Use Rappel Gear 5
Wrapping Things Up Wrapping Things Up 0 Collect 100% of items 100
World of Gods and Monsters World of Gods and Monsters 0 Discover of the 100% Map 75
Takes a Monster to Defeat a Monster Takes a Monster to Defeat a Monster 0 Kill an Undead Agent 25

Secret Achievements

Bring the Pain Bring the Pain 0 Collect the Assault Rifle 10
Boomstick Boomstick 0 Collect the Shotgun 15
Light in the Darkness Light in the Darkness 0 Collect the Flamethrower 15
Hunt the Monsters Hunt the Monsters 0 Collect the Mercury Harpoon 15
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty 0 Collect the Cluster Rockets 20
Eradicate Evil Eradicate Evil 0 Collect the Plasma Beam 25
Primed for Entry Primed for Entry 0 Collect the Grenades 10
Cleanse the Shadows Cleanse the Shadows 0 Collect the Incendiary Grenades 15
Detonate the Dark Detonate the Dark 0 Collect the C4 20
Ancient Evil Ancient Evil 0 Defeat the Giant Arachnid 25
Busting Through Barriers Busting Through Barriers 0 Defeat Ammit 30
Overcome Mortality Overcome Mortality 0 Defeat Anubis 35
Recognize, Examine, Contain, Destroy Recognize, Examine, Contain, Destroy 0 Defeat the Giant Scarab 40
The Ultimate Evil The Ultimate Evil 0 Defeat Ahmanet 75
Through the Heart Through the Heart 0 Kill two enemies with one harpoon 10
Monster Bash Monster Bash 0 Use a Phase Dash to destroy a wall 10
Defy Human Ability Defy Human Ability 0 Perform a Dash Boost 10
Tactical Advantage Tactical Advantage 0 Travel by Helicopter to a new location 10
Close Call Close Call 0 Escape the caves in Iraq 15