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Dead Exit Achievements

Full list of Dead Exit achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dead Exit has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Baby Steps Baby Steps 0 Won a Very Easy game of City Escape 5
Walk In the Park Walk In the Park 0 Won an Easy game of City Escape 10
Survivor Survivor 0 Won a Medium game of City Escape 10
Tough Guy Tough Guy 0 Won a Hard game of City Escape 20
Dead Resistant Dead Resistant 0 Won a Very Hard game of City Escape 30
Dead Proof Dead Proof 0 Won an Insane game of City Escape 40
HOW? HOW? 0 Won an Impossible game of City Escape 40
DEADication DEADication 0 Scrapped 1000 dead 40
Eager To Leave Eager To Leave 0 Beat City Escape with 3 bases and 3 sets and extra dead in under 100 actions 40
German Efficiency German Efficiency 0 Beat City Escape with 3 bases and 3 sets with no resources, vehicles, or survivors in the scrap. 50
Survive and Thrive Survive and Thrive 0 You left the city with more resources than at least 4 other players! 30
Lone Survivor Lone Survivor 0 You're the only survivor in an online game. Survival of the fittest! 50
Ruthless Ruthless 0 You mercilessly sacrificed 5 or more survivors to win an online game! 40
Killer Killer 0 You won an online game after killing 5 or more survivors. Hey, fewer mouths to feed, right? 40
Comeback Kid Comeback Kid 0 You lost your first base, but you still won an online game! 40
Dream Team Dream Team 0 You and an adjacent player managed to escape an online game with 3 sets of resources each! 40
All Work Together All Work Together 0 All players survived in an 4 player online game with extra dead. 30
Last Second Save Last Second Save 0 You managed to get enough in your stockpile in the last second to survive a game! 30
Car Dealer Car Dealer 0 You escaped a game with all the vehicles! 25
Old Timer Old Timer 0 You survived 30 games! We hope you had fun! 30
The Cat Came Back The Cat Came Back 0 You managed to rescue the same survivor twice in one turn! 20
Loaded Bases Loaded Bases 0 You had every slot in your base filled with survivors or vehicles! 30
Drive By Drive By 0 Win Very Easy Survival 5
Scavenger Scavenger 0 Win Easy Survival 10
Staying In Staying In 0 Win Medium Survival 10
Stranger Danger Stranger Danger 0 Win Hard Survival 20
No Visitors No Visitors 0 Win Medium Survival 30
Long Haul Long Haul 0 Win Insane Survival 40
Siege Master Siege Master 0 Win Impossible Survival 40
Against All Odds Against All Odds 0 Won Impossible War 40
Dead Sandwich Dead Sandwich 0 Won Insane War 40
Sandwich Sandwich 0 Won Very Hard War 30
Team Up Team Up 0 Won Hard War 20
Square Off Square Off 0 Won Medium War 10
Tag Team Tag Team 0 Won easy War 10
Gang Up Gang Up 0 Won Very Easy War 5