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Magic 2015 Achievements

Find all the Magic 2015 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Apt Pupil Apt Pupil 0 Finished the Tutorial 15
Spellbook Crafter Spellbook Crafter 0 Built a New Deck 15
Deft Duelist Deft Duelist 0 Won a Multiplayer Duel 55
Battle Mastery Battle Mastery 0 Won 100 Multiplayer Duels 100
Angel’s Champion Angel’s Champion 0 Defeated Avacyn 15
Necropolis Now Necropolis Now 0 Defeated Tymaret 15
Mental Magic Mental Magic 0 Defeated Jace 15
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider 0 Defeated the Onakke Shaman 15
Hedron Collector Hedron Collector 0 Defeated Ob Nixilis 15
Saviour of Shandalar Saviour of Shandalar 0 Defeated Garruk 30
Veteran Explorer Veteran Explorer 0 Defeated all Explore Nodes 50
Inherit The Earth Inherit The Earth 0 Drew three cards with Mentor of the Meek in a single turn 30
Divine Choice Divine Choice 0 Controlled a 20/20 Seraph of the Masses 30
Pincer Movement Pincer Movement 0 Put twenty cards into graveyards with Hedron Crab in a single duel 30
Angelbane Angelbane 0 Destroyed an opponent’s Angel using Shadowborn Demon 30
Out Of The Gutter Out Of The Gutter 0 Dealt 10 noncombat damage to opponents with a single Guttersnipe in a single duel 30
Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? 0 Paid only two green mana to activate the monstrosity ability of Nemesis of Mortals 30
It Must be Mine It Must be Mine 0 Collected all cards from the Main Campaign 60
Devout Disciple Devout Disciple 0 Had a devotion to green of 10 or more when Nylea’s Disciple entered the battlefield 30
Death From Above Death From Above 0 Dealt 20 damage to a single opponent in a single duel using creatures with flying 30
Second Life Second Life 0 Gained 20 life in a single duel 30
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Controlled a creature with three Auras attached to it 30
Five Creature Discount Five Creature Discount 0 Cast a spell without paying any mana for it 30
Ingenuity Ingenuity 0 Won a duel without an opponent losing life 30
Spellstorm Spellstorm 0 Cast five spells in a single turn 40
Not Again Not Again 0 Cast the same spell five times in a single duel 50
Insult to Injury Insult to Injury 0 Sacrificed a creature you didn’t own 40
Grateful Dead Grateful Dead 0 Won a duel with twenty or more creature cards in your graveyard 40
Rampant Growth Rampant Growth 0 Had seven lands on the battlefield before the end of your fourth turn 40
Defensive Line Defensive Line 0 Dealt 20 damage with Vent Sentinel in a single duel 30

Magic 2015 - Garruk's Revenge

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points.

Welcome to the Club Welcome to the Club 0 Added an unlocked expansion card to a deck 10
Deconstructor Deconstructor 0 Defeated Captain Vronos 20
Murderous Tendencies Murderous Tendencies 0 Controlled creatures with total power 20 or more while on Alara 20
Conflux Capacitor Conflux Capacitor 0 Completed the Alara collection 30
Fly My Pretties Fly My Pretties 0 Had ten or more Thopter artifact creature tokens on the battlefield under your control 20