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Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition Achievements

Full list of Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Welcome Back! Welcome Back! 0 Well, that could have gone better. Also, a lot worse. 15
What??? What??? 0 Huh. Ok then. Hm. 15
The End The End 0 Oh no. Oh no no no no. 20
Changing Of The Seasons Changing Of The Seasons 0 Shorter Days, Longer Nights 25
Echoes Echoes 0 Ghosts! 15
Best Available Friend Best Available Friend 0 Proximity counts. 30
Let’sBeLegends Let’sBeLegends 0 Long after we’re gone the kids will still talk about it. 30
He’s from somewhere. He’s from somewhere. 0 And it’s here. And there’s a trampoline! 30
Horrorshow Horrorshow 0 “Everything Sucks Forever” says 15 year old horror aficionado and train tracks lurker Lori M. 30
Mother Of Vermin Mother Of Vermin 0 Feed them once and they’re yours. 15
Miracle Rats Miracle Rats 0 Hope springs, rats multiply. 30
Dusk Stargazer Dusk Stargazer 0 That sounds like someone’s name if they could name themselves at age 10. 30
~*~Demonpower~*~ ~*~Demonpower~*~ 0 !!!You have ascended the Demon’s Tower!!! 15
Palecat Palecat 0 Stop the bleeding. 90
At The End Of Everything At The End Of Everything 0 Well, that was weird. 90
Hold Onto Anything Hold Onto Anything 0 Again, that was weird. 90
Make It Last Make It Last 0 as long as it will. 90
Thryy Wyrd Tyyns Thryy Wyrd Tyyns 0 Spooky magic or something. Who knows. 30
Bass Ackwards Bass Ackwards 0 It’s just four strings, how hard could it possibly be? 15
Maestro Maestro 0 Four strings and the spite to use ‘em. 15
Jenny’s Field Jenny’s Field 0 Everything feels bigger and smaller. 15
The Tooth The Tooth 0 No Bobs, No Masters 30
Crusty Crusty 0 Those had someone else’s mouth germs on them! 15
You killed that poor roach. You killed that poor roach. 0 That was evidence. Probably. Geez. 15
Accidentally Good Dinner Accidentally Good Dinner 0 Let’s not pretend it was skill. 15
Knife Fight Knife Fight 0 Slasher, stabber, all around knifer. 15
Brainshot! Brainshot! 0 A killer’s eye. 15
Deep Hollow Hollerers Deep Hollow Hollerers 0 Music fills empty spaces. 30
Poets of Possum Springs Poets of Possum Springs 0 A blueness, a youness, a dankness, a thankness. 15
Seriously? Seriously? 0 All sketches? We made the game and have never gotten this. Wow. 100