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Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince Achievements

Full list of Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Steps First Steps 0 "First Steps" completed 5
Trial of Fire Trial of Fire 0 "Trial of Fire" completed 10
Dead-hands Dead-hands 0 "Dead-hands" completed 10
Test of Courage Test of Courage 0 "Test of Courage" completed 10
Chuckles Chuckles 0 "Chuckles" completed 10
Burning Feet Burning Feet 0 "Burning Feet" completed 10
Time on Hands Time on Hands 0 "Time on Hands" completed. 10
Helpful Guardians Helpful Guardians 0 "Helpful Guardians" completed 10
Path of Memories Path of Memories 0 "Path of Memories" completed 10
Welcome to the Forest Welcome to the Forest 0 "Welcome to the Forest" completed 10
Jaws of Grass Jaws of Grass 0 "Jaws of Grass" completed 10
The Ambush The Ambush 0 "The Ambush" completed 10
The Willow-pit The Willow-pit 0 "The Willow-pit" completed 10
Tricky Bush Tricky Bush 0 "Tricky Bush" completed 10
The Wrathful Guardian The Wrathful Guardian 0 "The Wrathful Guardian" completed 10
Deadly Tiles Deadly Tiles 0 "Deadly Tiles" completed 10
Blue Fire Maze Blue Fire Maze 0 "Blue Fire Maze" completed 10
The Deadliest Trap The Deadliest Trap 0 "The Deadliest Trap" completed 10
The Last Guardian The Last Guardian 0 "The Last Guardian" completed 10
The Missing Step The Missing Step 0 "The Missing Step" completed 10
Left or Right Left or Right 0 "Left or Right" completed 10
Powerless Powerless 0 "Powerless" completed 10
Dodge Contest Dodge Contest 0 "Dodge Contest" completed 10
Keep Calm Keep Calm 0 "Keep Calm" completed 10
Bubble Chaos Bubble Chaos 0 Aided Hero in traversing "Bubble Chaos". 20
Mastery of Traps Mastery of Traps 0 Assisted Hero in getting through "Mastery of Traps" 20
Striped Fantasy Striped Fantasy 0 Taken Hero for a stroll down memory lane in "Striped Fantasy" 20
Forest on Fire Forest on Fire 0 Nulan in a forest. What possibly could go wrong? 20
The Unusual Duo The Unusual Duo 0 Helped Nulan and Haim to reach the exit in "The Unusual Duo" 20
Strategic Pruning Strategic Pruning 0 Nulan has a simple mantra: if something stands in her way, just burn it with fire 20
Regal Dash Regal Dash 0 Here we made our acquaintance with Haim, the cursed prince himself 20
Perspective Issue Perspective Issue 0 For Haim It's a game of thinking on your feet (and teleporting when necessary) 20
Obstacles Obstacles 0 Assisted Haim in traversing "Obstacles" 20
One for All, All for One One for All, All for One 0 Having led three characters at the same time definitely the "fear" bit with you doesn't apply 20
Antiques connoisseur Antiques connoisseur 0 Collected 20 treasures 20
Treasure seeker Treasure seeker 0 Collected 40 treasures 50
Relic hunter Relic hunter 0 Collected all the treasures 70
Master of Mirrors Master of Mirrors 0 snoitalutargnoC! All achievements unlocked! 100
End of the Forest End of the Forest 0 "End of the Forest" completed 10

Secret Achievements

Nulan, the fire enchantress Nulan, the fire enchantress 0 You met Nulan, but she didn't seem interested in the Scrolls... 50
Haim, the cursed prince Haim, the cursed prince 0 You met Haim, the prince who is looking for the Scrolls to save his life 50
Hero's Redemption Hero's Redemption 0 You witnessed Hero's redemption. 50
Nulan's Overambition Nulan's Overambition 0 You witnessed where being power-hungry led Nulan 50
Haim's Eternal Curse Haim's Eternal Curse 0 You witnessed the eternal curse of Haim 50
All's well that ends well All's well that ends well 0 With a bit of luck and naivety everything worked out for Hero, Nulan and Haim. 50
Eyes for detail Eyes for detail 0 You found the alternative exit in "Jaws of Grass" 15