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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Achievements

Find all the The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Human Race Extinct Human Race Extinct 0 You fully extinguished the human race... 15
The Worm The Worm 0 First boss eliminated. Instantly mastered the uses of the harpoon. 10
The Fathers The Fathers 0 They used their sons to attack you. Not the best fathers... 20
The Forgotten One The Forgotten One 0 Killed the undead fish. 20
The Tranquil The Tranquil 0 Octopus is delicious with some potatoes. 30
The False Light The False Light 0 "Could do this with my eyes closed." 30
The Chain Gang The Chain Gang 0 Shark attack survivor. 40
The Parasite The Parasite 0 Killed that gross parasite. 45
The Defiler The Defiler 0 This one killed himself actually. 45
The Experiment The Experiment 0 Blood and lasers. 40
The Heart of the City The Heart of the City 0 Allergic to pollen. 45
...And the rest is lost ...And the rest is lost 0 Completed the game. 70
The Guardian The Guardian 0 This time it didn't escape. 60
Readit Readit 0 Read the story. 50
Modern Times Modern Times 0 You are the strongest human. 65
Hardcore Hardcore 0 There's an even harder challenge... 30
Sadist Sadist 0 Found an alternative use for a chainsaw. 30
Play to Kill Play to Kill 0 Completed the Boss-rush. 100
Possimpible Possimpible 0 No need for upgrades when you're already a beast. 110
The Last Human The Last Human 0 Hardcore champion. 115
Hunter Hunter 0 You don't seem to know fish have feelings too... 30