Dovetail Games Euro Fishing - Waldsee Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points.

The Boss The Boss 0 Caught all boss fish from Waldsee 40
Top Hauler Top Hauler 0 Caught 200 fish in Waldsee 30
Match Winner Match Winner 0 Won a multiplayer session in Waldsee 10
Big Cat Tamer Big Cat Tamer 0 Caught your first 60lb Catfish in Waldsee 30
Net Buster Net Buster 0 Caught 25 fish weighing over 50lb in Waldsee 30
Crafty Carper Crafty Carper 0 Caught a Carp boss fish in Waldsee 10
First Boss First Boss 0 Caught your first Waldsee boss fish 10
Breaking Boss Breaking Boss 0 Caught 10 Waldsee boss fish 10
Scale Breaker Scale Breaker 0 Caught 25 fish weighing over 40lb in Waldsee 20
Hauling Hauling 0 Caught 50 fish in Waldsee 10

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