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OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Achievements

Find all the OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

CARD COLLECTOR CARD COLLECTOR 0 Use your Techno's to buy a pack of POW Cards! 20
GET K.O.'S POW CARD GET K.O.'S POW CARD 0 WOW! My very own POW Card! 20
MATCH MAKER MATCH MAKER 0 Hit one Boxmore bot with two different Powie Zowies! 25
TWENTY! TWENTY! 0 Smash your way to a 20 hit combo! 20
WELCOME TO YOUR 30'S WELCOME TO YOUR 30'S 0 Get a super-long combo that is 30 hits or more! 30
YER COOL NOW YER COOL NOW 0 Collect a Coolness stat point! 25
MACRO CHIPS MACRO CHIPS 0 Collect 50 microchips from stunned Boxmore baddies! 50
MAXED OUT MAXED OUT 0 Max out your Strength, Agility and Coolness stats! 85
POWIE ZOWIE BLAMMO! POWIE ZOWIE BLAMMO! 0 Unleash a Powie Zowie on a Boxmore bot! 25
GRAND SLAM GRAND SLAM 0 Slam an enemy you just uppercutted with a charge punch! 25
STOP HITTING YOURSELVES STOP HITTING YOURSELVES 0 Air-throw an enemy bot into another enemy bot! 25
MISSILE PUNCHER MISSILE PUNCHER 0 Use your fists to send a Jethro missile back at an enemy! 25
TO PUNCH A KISS TO PUNCH A KISS 0 Knock a kiss attack back at a Raymond! 25
THREE BIRDS, ONE UPPERCUT THREE BIRDS, ONE UPPERCUT 0 Hit 3 enemy bots with one single uppercut! 50
IMMACULATE ACHIEVEMENT IMMACULATE ACHIEVEMENT 0 Finish a battle without taking a single hit! 50
SHOW ME HOW SHOW ME HOW 0 Enter a correct secret code into the POW Card Machine! 50
STOP CALLING ME STOP CALLING ME 0 Use the same Powie Zowie 12 times in one battle 50
SECOND FIRST DATE SECOND FIRST DATE 0 Use Mr. Gar and Carol's Powie Zowies in the same combo! 25
DREAM BATTLES DREAM BATTLES 0 Battle waves of bots in FIGHT! Mode 85
YOU'RE BUFF YOU'RE BUFF 0 Buy a Stat Booster and buff your stats! 20
COLLECT'EM ALL COLLECT'EM ALL 0 Collect all of the POW Cards in the game! 85
ALL IS WELL IN THE PLAZA ALL IS WELL IN THE PLAZA 0 Complete KO's epic quest and defeat Lord Boxman! 85
MY PEEPS MY PEEPS 0 Chat with all the peeps in the plaza! 50