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Nightmares From the Deep 3: Davy Jones Achievements

Full list of Nightmares From the Deep 3: Davy Jones achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Nightmares From the Deep 3: Davy Jones has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

There's a Skip Button? There's a Skip Button? 0 Complete 3 Puzzles without using the Skip Button. 25
No Skipping! No Skipping! 0 Finish all Puzzles without using the Skip Button. 75
On a Roll! On a Roll! 0 Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints. 25
Hidden Talent Hidden Talent 0 Finish any Hidden Object scene with less than 4 mistakes. 10
Quick Sleuth Quick Sleuth 0 Find 5 hidden objects within 5 seconds. 25
Marksman Marksman 0 Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 1 minute. 25
Every Last One Every Last One 0 Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints. 75
The Joy of Mahjong The Joy of Mahjong 0 Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles by playing Mahjong. 25
Completist Completist 0 Complete the game. 75
Expert Player Expert Player 0 Complete the game on expert difficulty. 100
Animal Lover Animal Lover 0 Interact with 3 Animals on the Island. 10
Naturist Naturist 0 Interact with 16 Animals on the Island. 50
Puzzling Find Puzzling Find 0 Find the first hidden puzzle piece. 10
Whole Picture Whole Picture 0 Find all of the hidden puzzle pieces. 50
Seahorse Ashore Seahorse Ashore 0 Find a glowing seahorse. 10
The King’s Seahorses The King’s Seahorses 0 Find all the glowing seahorses. 50
Special Card Special Card 0 Find the first Pirate Card. 10
Card Collector Card Collector 0 Find all of the Pirate Cards. 50

Secret Achievements

The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Escape from the cell. 25
A Captivating Matter A Captivating Matter 0 Get to the prison cell. 25
About That Pact About That Pact 0 Find out how to cancel the pact. 25
His Secrets His Secrets 0 Find out what Davy Jones is hiding in the Icehouse. 25
Scullion's Tale Scullion's Tale 0 Reconnect with Cory. 25
O’Malley O’Malley 0 Get to O’Malley’s Hideout. 25
The Golden Hint The Golden Hint 0 Find the hint about the treasure of Davy Jones. 25
Bewitching Hour Bewitching Hour 0 Get the witch to help you. 25
No Man Treads No Man Treads 0 Open the Forbidden Gate. 25
The Alchemist The Alchemist 0 Brew O’Malley's potion. 25
The Deal Is Off The Deal Is Off 0 Cancel all of the pacts. 25
Lost Memories Lost Memories 0 Listen to all of the Guardians’ stories. 25