MX vs. ATV: All Out Achievements

Rainbow Studios
THQ Nordic

There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Amateur Offroad Amateur Offroad 0 Place 3rd or better in the Amateur Offroad Series 15
Pro UTV Opencross Pro UTV Opencross 0 Place 3rd or better in the Pro UTV Opencross Series 15
Pro Freestyle Pro Freestyle 0 Place 3rd or better in the Pro Freestyle Series 15
Pro ATV Nationals Pro ATV Nationals 0 Place 3rd or better in the Pro ATV National Series 40
Pro SX 250 West Championship Pro SX 250 West Championship 0 Place 3rd or better in the Pro SX 250 West Championship 15
Pro SX 250 East Championship Pro SX 250 East Championship 0 Place 3rd or better in the Pro SX 250 East Championship 15
Pro SX 450 Championship Pro SX 450 Championship 0 Place 3rd or better in the PRO SX 450 Championship 50
Dominator Dominator 0 Place 1st in every race in a series 90
Ace in the Hole Ace in the Hole 0 Win 10 holeshots 15
Coming on Strong Coming on Strong 0 Lap an opponent in a race 30
On the Right Track On the Right Track 0 Finish a race without going off track 30
Legendary Legendary 0 Place 1st in any race on All Time difficulty 30
Step into the Arena Step into the Arena 0 Complete an Online match 15
World Class World Class 0 Complete 25 Online matches 15
Long Live the King Long Live the King 0 Place 1st in 25 Online matches 30
To the Victor... To the Victor... 0 Place 1st in an Online match with 15 human opponents 90
Gone Shopping Gone Shopping 0 Spend MotoCoin for the first time 15
Tuning In Tuning In 0 Tune a vehicle part 15
Factory Mechanic Factory Mechanic 0 Upgrade a part to Factory 30
Überbiken Überbiken 0 Equip as many factory level parts as possible on a vehicle (Secret) 30
High Miles High Miles 0 Ride for over 100 miles 15
Long Jumper Long Jumper 0 Land a jump with a distance of 300 feet or greater 15
Collector Collector 0 Collect all 100 Sprockets in Free Ride 15
Trickster Trickster 0 Successfully perform any stunt 10
Inverted Inverted 0 Land a flip 15
Wheelie King Wheelie King 0 Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 feet or longer 15
Stoppie Master Stoppie Master 0 Hold a Stoppie trick for 75 feet or longer 15
Showboat Showboat 0 Pull off 5 unique stunts in a race event 10
Showtime Showtime 0 Pull off 100 stunt combos 25
Stunt Man Stunt Man 0 Successfully perform a 11x stunt combo 10
Look Ma, No Hands! Look Ma, No Hands! 0 Successfully perform a 7x stunt combo ending with a no hander stunt 10
You're It! You're It! 0 Win a Tag Mini-Game 10
Survivor Survivor 0 Survive the infection 10
Pandemic Pandemic 0 Infect the most people 10
Ghosted Ghosted 0 Beat your ghost in Time Trial 10

Secret Achievements

No More Training Wheels No More Training Wheels 0 Complete any Freestyle, any Opencross, any National, and any Supercross 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spend over 100,000 MotoCoin 90
Ouch! Ouch! 0 Wreck 50 times 15
All Out Tour All Out Tour 0 Place 3rd or better in the All Out Tour 90