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Immortal Redneck Achievements

Find all the Immortal Redneck achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Beginner Beginner 0 Reach the second floor of the pyramid 10
It's a conspiracy It's a conspiracy 0 Beat the game 40
Insane Insane 0 Beat the game with 20 lives or less 85
The Gods are nice The Gods are nice 0 Beat the game using all the favors of the Gods 35
Full power Full power 0 Buy every Skill Tree node 20
Compulsive buyer Compulsive buyer 0 Buy every level of each Skill Tree node 40
Apis Apis 0 Obtain Apis' Favor 5
Seth Seth 0 Obtain Seth's Favor 10
Sekhmet Sekhmet 0 Obtain Sekhmet's Favor 10
Amunet Amunet 0 Obtain Amunet's Favor 10
Neith Neith 0 Obtain Neith's Favor 10
Thoth Thoth 0 Obtain Thoth's Favor 10
Hathor Hathor 0 Obtain Hathor's Favor 10
Ammit Ammit 0 Obtain Ammit's Favor 10
Suy Suy 0 The Merchant is open for business 10
Heavy load Heavy load 0 Equip all the weapons 25
Quadruple jump Quadruple jump 0 Acquire four jumps in a game 15
Pro skills Pro skills 0 Complete a Skill Room 15
Easy peasy lemon squeezy Easy peasy lemon squeezy 0 Defeat Pharaoh in under 15 minutes from when you enter the pyramid 25
Getting used to it Getting used to it 0 Die 50 times 5
Scroll master Scroll master 0 Get 10 scrolls in a game 20
Greedy gods Greedy gods 0 Pay 5,000 coins or more as a tribute 20
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge McDuck 0 Get more than 50,000 coins in a game 40
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu 0 Use Déjà Vu to keep the layout of a pyramid 10
It's raining money It's raining money 0 Spend 100,000 coins on the Skill Tree 25
That monster had a family That monster had a family 0 Kill 25,000 minions 25
Completionist Completionist 0 Find 80 different scrolls 40
No help No help 0 Complete a pyramid without taking scrolls or weapons 75
Every last inch Every last inch 0 Complete a pyramid exploring all of its rooms 25
Saving ammo Saving ammo 0 Kill 7 enemies with a single explosion 10
Handyman Handyman 0 Find your first map 5
Lucky you Lucky you 0 Get a health steak from a vessel 15
Sudden death Sudden death 0 Beat the game with the Plague Medallion 75
One weapon only One weapon only 0 Beat the game with the Cursed Medallion 45
Da Vinci Da Vinci 0 Unlock and buy every medallion 45

Secret Achievements

Pharaoh Pharaoh 0 Defeat Pharaoh 10
Maaty Maaty 0 Defeat Maaty 10
Asyut Asyut 0 Defeat Asyut 10
Weryt Weryt 0 Defeat Weryt 20
Temsep Temsep 0 Defeat Temsep 20
Fayoum Fayoum 0 Defeat Fayoum 20
Why? Why? 0 Kill a chicken 15
Nostalgia Nostalgia 0 Find the Crowbar, the Rocket Launcher and the Explosive Bow 15
No way out No way out 0 Nice try but sorry, you're trapped in here 5