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Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Achievements

Find all the Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Faceoff Master Faceoff Master 0 Cleanly win 3 Faceoffs in a match. 10
Keeper Keeper 0 Prevent opposition from scoring in a match. 10
Longshot Longshot 0 Score a goal from over 25 yards. 15
Finals Bound Finals Bound 0 Reach a Final Series. 20
Sharing Is Caring Sharing Is Caring 0 Create and share a Team in the Academy. 20
Difficult Customer Difficult Customer 0 Win a game on Legend Difficulty. 20
New Entrant New Entrant 0 Create a player in the academy. 10
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Score three goals in a match with 1 player. 20
Double Crosse Double Crosse 0 Score a goal after faking out the Goalie. 20
Traveler Traveler 0 Win a Match at every Stadium. 15
Take A Dive Take A Dive 0 Score 25 Diving Shots. 25
Pass Around Pass Around 0 Complete 500 passes in any game mode. 40
On The Line On The Line 0 Complete 5 online matches. 20
Back To Back Back To Back 0 Win back to back matches in career mode. 20
We’re Coming Back We’re Coming Back 0 Win a match after being behind by 3 goals. 25
I Object I Object 0 Complete all Objectives in a match. 30
Stadium Builder Stadium Builder 0 Create a stadium using the stadium creator. 20
Selected Selected 0 Be drafted for a Pro League Team. 50
Linked Linked 0 Score a goal after linking 20 passes in attacking half. 50
Nail Biter Nail Biter 0 Score to win a match in the final minute of game time. 50
All Star All Star 0 Be drafted to play in an All Star game in Career Mode. 70
MVP MVP 0 Be MVP of a match 5 times. 70
Disciplined Disciplined 0 Complete a match without giving away a penalty. 70
Unbeatable Unbeatable 0 Go through a season undefeated. 100
Coaching Immortal Coaching Immortal 0 Win 5 Championships (College or Pro). 100
Best Of Both Worlds Best Of Both Worlds 0 Have your character win Pro Champ as Player and Coach. 100