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QUBE 2 Achievements

Find all the QUBE 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Lost in Space Lost in Space 0 Survive the Desert Storm 25
Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion 0 Acquire Red Power Up 25
Nature or Nurture Nature or Nurture 0 Find the Oasis 25
Power Glove Power Glove 0 Acquire Green Power Up 50
Forgotten Memories Forgotten Memories 0 Find and Listen to Transmission Statue 50
Cogs in the Machine Cogs in the Machine 0 Power a Reactor 75
Mission Success Mission Success 0 Power the Elevator 75
There's No Place Like Home There's No Place Like Home 0 Find the Beacon 75
Path to Salvation Path to Salvation 0 Power Teleporter 75
Infinity Loop Infinity Loop 0 Acquire Yellow Power Up 75
Descendants Descendants 0 Reach the Abyss 100
The Truthful Enemy The Truthful Enemy 0 Follow the Red Wire 100
The Flawed Teacher The Flawed Teacher 0 Follow the Blue Wire 100

Secret Achievements

To Infinity and Beyond To Infinity and Beyond 0 Propel your self over 100ft off the ground 75
Green Cube Killer Green Cube Killer 0 Crush the Green Cube 75