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Bombslinger Achievements

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There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

OCD OCD 0 If you look hard enough, you might find something interesting. 10
Gotta blast 'em all! Gotta blast 'em all! 0 Defeat all the bosses at least once. 40
Pistolero Pistolero 0 Defeat 25 enemies using guns. 40
The Keymaster The Keymaster 0 Hold 7 keys at one time. 30
Bring a Bomb to a Goat Fight Bring a Bomb to a Goat Fight 0 Defeat the evil goat boss. 10
Burnt to Ashes Burnt to Ashes 0 Burn Ash Burnham down to the ground. 10
Can't touch this! Can't touch this! 0 Keep your gold from Roscoe Copperpot. 10
The Mexican Showdown The Mexican Showdown 0 Survive the fight with El Skullo Calavera. 10
Spirit of the Undead Spirit of the Undead 0 Send the Dark Shaman back to where he belongs. 20
An Old Romance An Old Romance 0 Put an end to your story with 'Bertha. 20
The ninja The ninja 0 Hold the jump, roll and camouflage items at one time. 50
Nuke Dukem Nuke Dukem 0 Blast 3 enemies with a nuclear bomb at one time. 30
Son of a gun Son of a gun 0 Hold the Double Shot and Quick Shot items at one time. 50
Death From Above Death From Above 0 Blast 3 enemies with one moonshine bomb. 50
The Specialist The Specialist 0 Beat the game without getting hit by your own bombs. 50
Barrels o' Fun Barrels o' Fun 0 Blow up a chain of 10 barrels. 50
Piggie Bank Piggie Bank 0 Hold 5000$ at one time. 50
No chain no gain No chain no gain 0 Blast 4 enemies in a combo. 20
No Mistakes No Mistakes 0 Complete the game without resurrecting. 30
Goat Reaction Goat Reaction 0 Get a flaming goat to defeat an enemy by pushing a bomb. 40
You Shall Not Pass! You Shall Not Pass! 0 Block an enemy in between two bombs. 30
Plain and Simple Plain and Simple 0 Complete the game with no upgrades to the bomb and flame counts. 50
Lucky You! Lucky You! 0 Max out your luck. 30
Spirit of the Wild Spirit of the Wild 0 Max out your spirit regeneration. 20
The Quickening The Quickening 0 Beat the game in less than 45 minutes. 50
The Bombslinger The Bombslinger 0 Defeat 250 enemies. 50
Hot Shot Hot Shot 0 Hold 5 bombs and 5 flames at one time. 50

Secret Achievements

The merciful. The merciful. 0 Have mercy on your ultimate foe. 50
The vengeful The vengeful 0 Have no mercy on your ultimate foe. 50