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Death Road to Canada Achievements

Find all the Death Road to Canada achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 66 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Patch me Up Patch me Up 0 Heal teammates 75 times. 10
Zombillion Zombillion 0 Splat 100,000 zombies! 25
Omega Streak Omega Streak 0 Streak the first 10 game modes! 60
Magical Wishing Toilet Magical Wishing Toilet 0 Open 100 toilets, revealing the toilet genie. 25
Five Game Streak Five Game Streak 0 Win 5 consecutive games in a row without losing. 30
Car Repair Car Repair 0 Train Mechanical 50 times. 10
Gotta Get Huge Gotta Get Huge 0 Train Strength 100 times. Build mass, build bulk. 10
Human Repair Human Repair 0 Train Medical 50 times. 10
Target Practice Target Practice 0 Train Shooting 75 times. 10
Getting in Shape Getting in Shape 0 Train Fitness 75 times. 10
No One Left Behind No One Left Behind 0 Win with no ally deaths. This includes traders and mall cops. 10
Help From My Pals Help From My Pals 0 Win Familiar Characters Mode. 10
Cooling It Cooling It 0 A miracle happened that day… 10
Ramming Speed Ramming Speed 0 Reach the final area with a working car. 10
Free Chicken Free Chicken 0 Rescued a chicken. May have turned it into nugs after. 10
Little Vacation Little Vacation 0 Beat Short Trip to Heck Mode. 10
Buncha Weirdos Buncha Weirdos 0 Win Rare Characters Mode. 10
Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? 0 Win Long Winding Road Mode. 10
Could Be Worse Could Be Worse 0 Beat Deadlier Road Mode. 20
Valhalla Valhalla 0 Win with Valkyrie. This should be an easy one. 10
Anime Syndrome Anime Syndrome 0 Anime Girl anime'd the car. 10
Paranormal Paranormal 0 Proved the existence of spooky ghosts. 10
Coup De Grace Coup De Grace 0 Win with the Fencer. Parry and Riposte! 10
World Champ World Champ 0 Win with the Boxer. Stick and move! 10
Derby Champ Derby Champ 0 Win with Roller Derby Woman. She's well trained for the zombocalypse. 10
Thankyaverymuch Thankyaverymuch 0 Win with Alvis, the Crooner of the Zombocalypse. 10
Sumo Solution Sumo Solution 0 Win with sumo wrestler. Sumo is the ultimate anti-zombie martial art. 10
Luchadore Luchadore 0 Win with El Satan's patented wrestling moves. 10
Berserker Berserker 0 Win with a BERSERK! trait character. They're rather death prone. 25
Abracadabra Abracadabra 0 Win with the Wizard! It is your destiny. 10
Mr. Popular Mr. Popular 0 Win with the friendliest guy there is. 10
Cat Fancy Cat Fancy 0 Win with Cat Lady. Who knew hoarding cats would be this useful? 10
Extreme Weirdos Extreme Weirdos 0 Win Rare Characters EXTREME Mode. 25
I Hate Skeletons I Hate Skeletons 0 Win with a skeleton. Internal skeletons don't count. 10
Zombie Fashion Zombie Fashion 0 Win with the Debutante. I guess she does kind of look like Mary Poppins. 10
SOME PIG SOME PIG 0 Win with some pig in the team. 10
Goatal Victory Goatal Victory 0 Win the game with a goat. It's going to ruin the car. 10
Bonds of Steel Bonds of Steel 0 Win Familiar Characters EXTREME Mode. 25
Caveman Crush Caveman Crush 0 Win a game with the caveman after breaking her out of the ice. 10
Grueling Victory Grueling Victory 0 Beat Marathon Mode. 25
Bwaugh! Bwaugh! 0 Win with the original hot Vampire, not those newfangled sparkling ones. 10
Gnome Power Gnome Power 0 Win with Gnomey, the most OP character. S++ on the Official Tier List. 10
The Loneliest Road The Loneliest Road 0 Pure solo victory. Start with one character, never get a recruit. 25
No Jerk Left Behind No Jerk Left Behind 0 Win with a full team of 4 people/dogs/beings. 25
Cat Attack Cat Attack 0 Win the game with a feral cat in the team. 10
Scientific Scientific 0 Win with the bunker laboratory scientist. 10
HA! HA! HA! HA! 0 Win with the funny Clown. *distorted honk* 10
My Lovely Horse My Lovely Horse 0 Win with Horse. You're a pony no more. 10
Song of Zombo Song of Zombo 0 Win with the Renaissance Faire bard recruit. 10
Too Swole to Control Too Swole to Control 0 Win with The Last Bodybuilder. He's so strong. 10
Witch's Brew Witch's Brew 0 Win with the Witch. Magic hat, magic broom, magic uzi. 10
The Last Panda The Last Panda 0 Win with the Panda. Maybe Canada will be a good habitat. 10
Cannonball Cannonball 0 Win the game with the pirate captain rare trader camp recruit. 10
Fae Folk Fae Folk 0 Win with the Queen of Fairies. Make a wish for friendship. 10
The Kepaning The Kepaning 0 Beat K*E*P*A Mode. 50
Grizzled Hermit Grizzled Hermit 0 Win with the Hermit after coaxing him out of his Hermit Hut. 10
Don't Let Me Die Don't Let Me Die 0 Win K*E*P*A Mode with Kepa. Please don't get me killed. 25
First Trip to Canada First Trip to Canada 0 Win Death Road Normal Mode. 10
Gallant Knight Gallant Knight 0 Knight left the team alive. 10
Dog Squad Dog Squad 0 Win with 4 dogs. Dog squaaaaad. 10
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas 0 Win with Santa, a real Christmas miracle. 10
Canada Champ Canada Champ 0 Unlock all the Achievements in Death Road to Canada 80

Secret Achievements

Day of the Circus Day of the Circus 0 Just like in my clown nightmares. 10
Has Left The Building Has Left The Building 0 Goodbye, Alvis. 10
Mode Master Mode Master 0 Win the first 10 game modes. 25
NICE ONE, HOSER NICE ONE, HOSER 0 In the last moment, killed your chance of victory. 10