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The Invisible Hours Achievements

Find all the The Invisible Hours achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The House The House 0 Watch all the scenes in chapter 1 30
The Guests The Guests 0 Watch all the scenes in chapter 2 30
The Secrets The Secrets 0 Watch all the scenes in chapter 3 30
The Liars The Liars 0 Watch all the scenes in chapter 4 30
The Host The Host 0 Discover who killed Tesla 90
The Cartographer The Cartographer 0 Explore the entire Island 30
The Shadow The Shadow 0 Watch Gustav for the entire game 30
The Collector The Collector 0 Collect all the clues 30
The Scientist The Scientist 0 Find the first Tesla Diary 15
The Altruist The Altruist 0 Find all of Tesla's diaries 90
The Reporter The Reporter 0 Find all the newspapers clips 30
The Photographer The Photographer 0 Find old photos of all the characters 30
The Mailman The Mailman 0 Find all the letters from the guests 30
The Best Friend The Best Friend 0 Find Edison's food bowl 15
The Follower The Follower 0 Activate Following mode 15

Secret Achievements

The Rich Man The Rich Man 0 Watch Vanderberg's murder 15
The Father The Father 0 Watch Mundy's death 15
The Detective The Detective 0 Watch Gustav's fall 15
The Room Service The Room Service 0 Go to the hotel room 90
The Priest The Priest 0 Find Lafcadio Boone's mask 15
The Medium The Medium 0 Use the Spirit Radio 15
The Meddler The Meddler 0 Find the secret workshop in the basement 15
The Time Traveller The Time Traveller 0 Travel back in time with Flora 90
The Spy The Spy 0 Watch Bernhardt putting on makeup 15
The Lovers The Lovers 0 Watch Bernhardt and Mundy recite Shakespeare 15
The Genius The Genius 0 Watch Edison play chess 15
The Hatter The Hatter 0 Find the hats 15
The Astronomer The Astronomer 0 Look through the telescope 15
The Sailor The Sailor 0 Listen to the lullaby 20
The Chemist The Chemist 0 Find the chemistry notes 15
The Butler The Butler 0 Try to bang the gong 15
The Mad Writer The Mad Writer 0 Find the library receipt 15
The Ghost The Ghost 0 Be walked through by a character 15
The Fox The Fox 0 Find the fox 20
The Park Ranger The Park Ranger 0 Find Deadlight logo 15
The Missing Husband The Missing Husband 0 Find the Ulysses poem 15