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Bounce Rescue! Achievements

Full list of Bounce Rescue! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bounce Rescue! has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

We all start somewhere We all start somewhere 0 You finished the first level of the single player campaign. 25
Friends with the Benedicts Friends with the Benedicts 0 You played with someone, and they played with you. That's what we call, friendship. 50
Rainmaker Rainmaker 0 Collect over 30 000 points. 50
Float like a butterfly Float like a butterfly 0 Kill your first bee: "Faster than lightning, very very frightening." 25
Caving Caveman Caving Caveman 0 The Caveman caved under your strength and wits. 100
Spiky answers Spiky answers 0 Spiky lost the edge of his thorns and you won. 100
Phara-oof Phara-oof 0 Phara basically got hit in the head, and went oof. You are a winner. 100
Do you want to break a snowman? Do you want to break a snowman? 0 Come out and play, said the snowman, without realising you're going to be his summer. 100
Finish the game Finish the game 0 Finish the game 200
Master Collector Master Collector 0 Collect 60 stars. 50
Star Hunter Star Hunter 0 Collect all 150 stars. 50
Fast Bounce Fast Bounce 0 Play any level under 30 seconds using "Time Attack"-mode. 50
Coin Collector Coin Collector 0 Collect 10 000 coins. 50
Road to Success Road to Success 0 You can learn from your mistakes. You killed Bounce 500 times. 50