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PES 2019 Achievements

Full list of PES 2019 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PES 2019 has 49 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Comeback King Comeback King 0 Won after coming back from 2 goals down 10
Possessive Streak Possessive Streak 0 Had the ball 65% or more of the time and won the match 10
Super-Sub Super-Sub 0 A substitute scored 10
World Class World Class 0 Scored in open play from 30 m or more (excluding Set Pieces) 40
The Sniper The Sniper 0 Netted a free kick from 25 m or more 40
Phantom Striker Phantom Striker 0 A defender scored a goal 10
Final Twist Final Twist 0 Pulled off a win by scoring in stoppage time 10
Hat-Trick Hat-Trick 0 Scored 3 goals with the same player in a match 10
Trickster Trickster 0 Performed a trick to get past a player and score 10
Chip Shot Creator Chip Shot Creator 0 Scored 5 goals from chip shots 10
Set Piece Strategist Set Piece Strategist 0 Scored 3 goals using a Set Piece Strategy 10
Derby Dominator Derby Dominator 0 Won a derby match 10
Counter-Attacker Counter-Attacker 0 Scored a goal on a counterattack 10
Goalmouth Guardian Goalmouth Guardian 0 Saved a penalty kick (no penalty shootouts) 10
Clean Sheet King Clean Sheet King 0 Shutout the opposition 10
Underdog Underdog 0 Defeated an opponent ★2 or stronger in Team Strength 10
Workhorse Workhorse 0 Played a total of 50 matches 10
Goal Hunter Goal Hunter 0 Scored a total of 100 goals 40
Assist Machine Assist Machine 0 Performed a total of 100 assists 40
Legendary Victor Legendary Victor 0 Defeated 5 Match Level: Super Star opponents 40
Victory Haul Victory Haul 0 Won a total of 100 matches 90
Played Exhibition Match! Played Exhibition Match! 0 Played Full Exhibition Match 10
VERSUS (COM) VERSUS (COM) 0 Got match data against COM in VERSUS Mode 10
VERSUS (2 Players) VERSUS (2 Players) 0 Got match data in VERSUS Mode 10
Random Selection Match Kickoff! Random Selection Match Kickoff! 0 Played a Random Selection Match to the final whistle 10
Pro Debut Pro Debut 0 Awarded for making an appearance in [Become a Legend] 10
Championship Winner Championship Winner 0 Awarded for winning the League Title in [Become a Legend] 10
League's Best Eleven League's Best Eleven 0 Awarded for being picked for the Team of the Season in [Become a Legend] 10
World Best Player Award World Best Player Award 0 Awarded for being named World Player of the Year in [Become a Legend] 40
Won in Master League Won in Master League 0 Awarded for earning a win in [Master League] 10
My Favorite Players My Favorite Players 0 Registered a player to My Favorite Players in [Master League] 10
League Champions League Champions 0 Awarded for winning the League Title in any of the Top Leagues featured in [Master League] 40
International Champions Cup Champions International Champions Cup Champions 0 Won the International Champions Cup 90
Silver Collector: Basic Silver Collector: Basic 0 Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Basic] level Skills Training 10
Silver Collector: Intermediate Silver Collector: Intermediate 0 Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Intermediate] level Skills Training 10
Silver Collector: Advanced Silver Collector: Advanced 0 Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Advanced] level Skills Training 10
Silver Collector: Expert Silver Collector: Expert 0 Awarded for obtaining Silver in all [Expert] level Skills Training 10
First Online Divisions win First Online Divisions win 0 Awarded for winning your first [Online Divisions] match 10
Promoted in Online Divisions Promoted in Online Divisions 0 Awarded for being promoted to a higher division in [Online Divisions] 10
Team Play Team Play 0 Kicked off while taking part in a Team Play Lobby 10
Win a Casual Match Win a Casual Match 0 Won a Casual Match in Online CO-OP 10
Win a Clan Match Win a Clan Match 0 Won a Clan Match in Online CO-OP 10
Co-op Contributor Co-op Contributor 0 Awarded a special CO-OP Playing Style in Online CO-OP 40
myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win 0 Awarded for winning your first RANKED MATCH game in myClub 10
Ranking Recognition Ranking Recognition 0 Awarded Acclaim for playing 10 ranked matches in myClub 10
Ace Signing Ace Signing 0 Obtained a BLACK rarity player with a myClub Agent 10
One of Our Own One of Our Own 0 Trained a player to Lv.35 in myClub 10
Eye for Talent Eye for Talent 0 Obtained a GOLD or BLACK rarity player with a myClub Scout 40
Global Giants Global Giants 0 Created a Squad with a Team Strength of 2,300 or more in myClub 90