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Lily's Epic Quest for Lost Gems Achievements

Find all the Lily's Epic Quest for Lost Gems achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Dutch Town Dutch Town 0 East or West home is best! 5
Misty Hills Misty Hills 0 Down hill is always the easiest. 10
Major Mountains Major Mountains 0 On top of the world! 15
Dry Desert Dry Desert 0 The sand in your shoes didn't stop you! 20
The Lost Swamps The Lost Swamps 0 It's time to dry your clothes. 25
Icy Lake Icy Lake 0 You've earned a hot chocolate. 30
The Forgotten Forest The Forgotten Forest 0 We are happy to have a great forest! 35
Diamond Jungle Diamond Jungle 0 Jungle everywhere, but where was the Diamond? 40
Fire Mountain Fire Mountain 0 You've earned an ice cream! 45
Paradise Island Paradise Island 0 We have a paradise around the corner. 25
Noobie Noobie 0 More than used junk! 15
Collector Collector 0 Let's start a museum. 30
Tiny Fortune Tiny Fortune 0 We need more space! 50
Hoarder Hoarder 0 More is always better, but enough is enough. 90
Roar of the T-Rex Roar of the T-Rex 0 A long time ago they ruled the earth. 50
Defender of the Gods Defender of the Gods 0 I'm wondering who left all of it? 30
Big Big 0 That's big! 10
Bigger Bigger 0 That's even bigger! 20
Biggest Biggest 0 This is a giant! 30
Flame On Flame On 0 You're ready to reach the Center of the Earth 40
Center of the Earth Center of the Earth 0 It's hot here 50
Darkness Darkness 0 I like the darkness. 75
Meet the Mole people Meet the Mole people 0 Living with the Mole people. 150
Bling bling Bling bling 0 Whoa... this is nice! 50
Friendly Competition Friendly Competition 0 Who will win next time? 10
Rivalry Getting Serious Rivalry Getting Serious 0 Game on! 50