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Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Achievements

Full list of Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Not All Wanderers Are Lost Not All Wanderers Are Lost 0 Visit every corner of Monster World Kingdom. 90
Who Needs Life Insurance Who Needs Life Insurance 0 Collect every Life Heart. 30
Jam Sessions Jam Sessions 0 Help Ollie find all of his lost music sheets. 30
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Open every chest in Monster World Kingdom. 40
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire 0 Collect every Super Fire Truffle. 30
Lightning In A Bottle Lightning In A Bottle 0 Collect every Super Thunder Truffle. 30
Always Back At Ya Always Back At Ya 0 Collect every Super Boomerang Truffle. 30
Whirlwind Warrior Whirlwind Warrior 0 Collect every Super Tornado Truffle. 30
Having A Blast Having A Blast 0 Collect every Super Bomb Truffle. 30
Knight In Shining Armor Knight In Shining Armor 0 Have Foximus forge every piece of Golden gear. 90
A Super Snout A Super Snout 0 Sniff 10 secrets in Pig form. 15
Nice And Crunchy Nice And Crunchy 0 Swallow 10 mosquitos in Frog form. 15
Return To Sender Return To Sender 0 Kill an enemy with a bomb you swallowed while in Frog form. 15
Never Out Of Breath Never Out Of Breath 0 Run a long distance without stopping in Lion form. 15
Family Business Family Business 0 Buy something from Zeke's shop. 15
A Fine Improvement A Fine Improvement 0 Upgrade your first item at a blacksmith. 15
Busy Hammer Busy Hammer 0 Upgrade a full set at a blacksmith. 30
Life Hack Life Hack 0 Find your first Life Heart. 15
Coin Bonanza Coin Bonanza 0 Find your first coin fountain. 15

Secret Achievements

Your Friend Pepelogoo Your Friend Pepelogoo 0 Help free the legendary Pepelogoo. 15
Cold-Blooded Hero Cold-Blooded Hero 0 Find the sacred orb that holds the power of Snake form. 15
Not Quite A Prince Not Quite A Prince 0 Find the sacred orb that holds the power of Frog form. 15
Left In The Dust Left In The Dust 0 Defeat Malino the first time he challenges you to a race. 15
Big Cat Big Cat 0 Find the sacred orb that holds the power of Lion form. 15
Breath Of Fire Breath Of Fire 0 Find the sacred orb that holds the power of Dragon form. 15
A Sound Long Forgotten A Sound Long Forgotten 0 Ring the sanctuary bell. 15
Family Reunion Family Reunion 0 Bring Nabu back to normal. 15
A Legendary Reunion A Legendary Reunion 0 Return all three of the old heroes' items to the sanctuary. 15
Blue Hair, Five Fingers Blue Hair, Five Fingers 0 Find the sacred orb that restores your original form. 15
The Savior Of Monster World The Savior Of Monster World 0 Defeat Xaros and save the kingdom from darkness. 90
Retro Retro 0 Make it to the end of the secret Cyber Dungeon. 90
Monster Boy Monster Boy 0 Restore all your forms after losing them. 90