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NieR: Automata Become As Gods Edition Achievements

Full list of NieR: Automata Become As Gods Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Circle of Death The Circle of Death 0 Have your body collected. 15
Cherish Our Resources Cherish Our Resources 0 Have 100 bodies collected. 30
First Errand First Errand 0 Complete your first quest. 15
The Mercenary The Mercenary 0 80% of all quests completed. 30
Information Master Information Master 0 80% of all archives found. 15
Destruction is My Job Destruction is My Job 0 80% of all unit data unlocked. 15
Chip Collector Chip Collector 0 80% of all plug-in chips collected. 15
Weapons Maniac Weapons Maniac 0 All Pod programs obtained. 30
Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade 0 Any weapon upgraded to the highest level. 15
Inorganic Blade Inorganic Blade 0 All weapons upgraded to the highest level. 30
Supreme Support Weapons Supreme Support Weapons 0 All Pods upgraded to the highest level. 30
Ruler of the Skies Ruler of the Skies 0 255 enemies destroyed using a flight unit. 30
Harvest King Harvest King 0 Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times. 30
Pod Hunter Pod Hunter 0 All Pods found. 15
Desire Without Emotion Desire Without Emotion 0 At least 100,000 G in possession. 30
Animal Rider Animal Rider 0 Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers. 15
A Round by the Pond A Round by the Pond 0 20 different kinds of fish caught. 15

Secret Achievements

Final Words Final Words 0 Thank you for playing. 0
Resuscitated Body Resuscitated Body 0 Stare into space from the Bunker. 15
Vestiges of Prosperity Vestiges of Prosperity 0 Arrive at the city ruins. 15
It's a Healthy Baby Boy! It's a Healthy Baby Boy! 0 Complete the desert area. 15
We Await Your Next Visit We Await Your Next Visit 0 Complete the amusement park ruins. 15
Creation and Insurrection Creation and Insurrection 0 Complete the alien ship. 15
The Mechanical Kingdom The Mechanical Kingdom 0 Complete the forest castle. 15
Ruler of the Deep Ruler of the Deep 0 Complete the flooded city. 15
Those Who Love Humans Those Who Love Humans 0 Complete the copied city. 15
Iron Soul Iron Soul 0 Complete the abandoned factory. 15
One Battle Ends One Battle Ends 0 Achieve ending A. 30
A New Battle Begins A New Battle Begins 0 Achieve ending B. 30
Final Wish Final Wish 0 Watch 2B die. 15
Treacherous Blade Treacherous Blade 0 Control A2 for the first time. 15
Farewell, Pascal Farewell, Pascal 0 Grant Pascal's final request. 15
Justice Justice 0 Stop all resource recovery units. 15
Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment 0 Watch the final moments of Devola and Popola. 15
Leaving for the New World Leaving for the New World 0 Achieve 9S's ending. 30
Beautiful World Beautiful World 0 Achieve A2's ending. 30
The Minds That Emerged The Minds That Emerged 0 View the final credits. 70
Fighting's Not My Thing Fighting's Not My Thing 0 Play your first hacking game. 15
A Scanner's Power A Scanner's Power 0 100 machine lifeforms destroyed by hacking. 15
Machines vs. Machines Machines vs. Machines 0 50 machine lifeforms destroyed by remote control. 30
The Power of Hate The Power of Hate 0 50 machine lifeforms destroyed with berserk mode. 15
Wait! Don't Kill Me! Wait! Don't Kill Me! 0 10 friendly machine lifeforms destroyed. 15
What Are You Doing? What Are You Doing? 0 2B's secret discovered 10 times. 15
Not That I Mind... Not That I Mind... 0 1 hour played with 9S in a certain state. 15
Come Take a Look! Come Take a Look! 0 Emil's shop used for the first time. 15
Naughty Children Naughty Children 0 Emil destroyed. 60
Transcendent Being Transcendent Being 0 All endings achieved. 15
Lunar Tear Lunar Tear 0 The place of memories has been visited. 15