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Epic Loon Achievements

Find all the Epic Loon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Sabotage Nosferacula Sabotage Nosferacula 0 Ruin Joe's favourite vampire movie. 50
Sabotage Jurassik Land Sabotage Jurassik Land 0 Ruin the best Steffen Spielzerg's movie! 50
Sabotage Grojira Sabotage Grojira 0 Ruin Joe's favourite Kaiju movie. 50
Sabotage Alien Sabotage Alien 0 Ruin Joe's favourite Sci-Fi movie! 50
Hardcoracula ! Hardcoracula ! 0 Complete Nosferacula VHS in Hardcore Mode. 150
Hardcorassik Land ! Hardcorassik Land ! 0 Complete Jurassik Land VHS in Hardcore Mode. 150
Hardcorzilla ! Hardcorzilla ! 0 Complete Grojira VHS in Hardcore Mode. 150
Hardcorney Weaver ! Hardcorney Weaver ! 0 Complete Alien VHS in Hardcore Mode. 150

Secret Achievements

Pryapisme? Oh yeah... Pryapisme? Oh yeah... 0 Pryapisme Mode 150
There is no try... There is no try... 0 Die in tutorial 50