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Bomber Crew Achievements

Full list of Bomber Crew achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bomber Crew has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bomber Crew Bomber Crew 0 Complete the first mission 10
Sinking Feeling Sinking Feeling 0 Sink 5 Submarines 20
Winging it Winging it 0 Repair an engine mid-flight 10
Mission Success Mission Success 0 Return to the airbase having successfully completed a mission 20
Target Destroyed Target Destroyed 0 Destroy an enemy target 25
Seven Survive Success Seven Survive Success 0 Complete a successful mission with the full crew surviving 50
Photographer Photographer 0 Take a photo of an intel site 10
Bail Out! Bail Out! 0 Bail out your entire crew 10
Fifty Fighters Fifty Fighters 0 Destroy 50 enemy fighters 10
Twenty Targets Twenty Targets 0 Destroy 20 enemy targets 25
Fifty Fighters Five Times Fifty Fighters Five Times 0 Destroy 250 enemy fighters 50
Two hundred Targets Two hundred Targets 0 Destroy 200 enemy targets 100
One Engine One Engine 0 Land at the airbase with only one working engine 20
Seven Survive Seven Seven Survive Seven 0 Complete 7 missions with the same full crew surviving 90
Tour Of Duty Tour Of Duty 0 Have one of your crew survive 30 missions 90
Running On Fumes Running On Fumes 0 Complete a mission and land at the airbase with less than 5% fuel remaining 30
Skeleton Crew Skeleton Crew 0 Complete a mission and land at the airbase with 2 or fewer crew members surviving 30
V1 Destroyer V1 Destroyer 0 Shoot down a V1 Rocket 20
Focused Four Focused Four 0 Use 'focus' on all 4 gunner stations at once (Main Campaign) 20
Grand Slam Grand Slam 0 Destroy a target using the Grand Slam bomb 20
Qualified Qualified 0 Fully level up a crew member 10
Double Qualified Double Qualified 0 Fully level up a crew member in two skills 10
Rookie Rookie 0 Fly 10 missions 10
Experienced Experienced 0 Fly 25 missions 25
Veteran Veteran 0 Fly 40 missions 50
Ace Encounter Ace Encounter 0 Encounter an Enemy Ace 10
Ace in the Hole Ace in the Hole 0 Defeat an Enemy Ace 25
Four of a kind Four of a kind 0 Defeat 4 Enemy Aces (in one campaign) 50
Ace of Aces Ace of Aces 0 Defeat all Enemy Aces (in one campaign) 100
The Bunker The Bunker 0 Complete the final mission 50