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The Long Reach Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The End The End 0 Complete Simon's Shop Scene 50
Die Hard Die Hard 0 Fall into the vent in Alice's lab 50
The Stench of Fresh Air The Stench of Fresh Air 0 Complete Institution 01 Scene 50
It's My First Day! It's My First Day! 0 Complete Diner Scene 50
Murderer! Murderer! 0 Kill every body at Simon's Shop (ex. Kill Calvin) 50
There is No Escape There is No Escape 0 Complete Crackhouse Scene 75
Santa's Little Helper Santa's Little Helper 0 Complete Office Quest 75
Into the Belly of the Beast Into the Belly of the Beast 0 Complete Institution 02 Scene 75
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells 0 Complete Bells Puzzle 75
Core Core 0 Get to the Core 75
Ascend! Ascend! 0 Step away from Alan 75
It's Over It's Over 0 Kill Alan 75
I'll Shoot This Sheriff I'll Shoot This Sheriff 0 Grab the gun 75

Secret Achievements

Felling Thirsty? Felling Thirsty? 0 Drink from every cooler 75
No Respect for Privacy No Respect for Privacy 0 Read every email 75