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The Mooseman Achievements

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Claws of Osh Claws of Osh 0 Outsmart the guardian of the Lower World 65
Lower World Lower World 0 Enter the world of the dead and ancient spirits 65
Riddles in the Dark Riddles in the Dark 0 Solve the ice crystal riddle in the underworld 65
Shondi Shondi 0 Grab a piece of shimmering sun 65
Secrets of the Bone Forest Secrets of the Bone Forest 0 Find all the artefacts among Mangonth's tusks 80
Cheran' Cheran' 0 Fight and defeat the spider of the Lower World 65
Vakul Vakul 0 Escape the river god 50
Vorsa's Sanctuary Vorsa's Sanctuary 0 Solve the riddle of Vorsa's sanctuary 40
Middle World Middle World 0 Enter the world of men 65
Healer Healer 0 Outsmart Yoma the Witch 65
Upper World Upper World 0 Enter the world of gods and ancestors 40
Rug Ride Rug Ride 0 Survive the chase by Voipel 65
Sunset Sunset 0 Return to the gates of the Lower World 90
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Collect all artefacts 100

Secret Achievements

Cows of Vakul Cows of Vakul 0 Secret achievement 80