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Tempest 4000 Achievements

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Completed Path Bonus Completed Path Bonus 0 Nice you finished one bonus round. 40
A good start A good start 0 You reached level 16. 14
Halfway there Halfway there 0 Pretty good, you reached level 51. 40
Completed Completed 0 Amazing! You finished ALL the game levels. 70
Long march Long march 0 You managed to reach level 51 in Pure Mode. 70
Ultra Survival Ultra Survival 0 Gorgeous, you reached level 51 in Survival Mode. 70
Max Lives Max Lives 0 You maxed out the lives counter! 40
Risky rescue Risky rescue 0 The AI droid rescued you, that was close! 40
Pure skill Pure skill 0 You have skills! You completed level 1-33 without dying. 70
Completed Rings Bonus Completed Rings Bonus 0 Nice one, you finished one Rings Bonus round. 40
Divinity Divinity 0 You got the ANGEL bonus powerup! 12
CapaBULL CapaBULL 0 You are quite capable, you survived to level 9 in pure mode with no loss of life. 40
RespectaBULL RespectaBULL 0 You are to be respected, you survived to level 17 in Pure Mode without loss of life. 70
UnstoppaBULL UnstoppaBULL 0 You are unstoppable, you survived to level 25 in Pure Mode without loss of life. 70
DouBULL TrouBULL DouBULL TrouBULL 0 You and your droid are quite a team! You got 25 or more kills on a level. 12
LoveaBULL LoveaBULL 0 You really stolen so many hearts! 40
Where's me jumper Where's me jumper 0 You can stay put, well done. 12
IndomitaBULL IndomitaBULL 0 You know how to stay cool, well done! 40
UnBULLIevaBULL UnBULLIevaBULL 0 You have nerves of steel! Well done! 70
Both Worlds Both Worlds 0 You seen things others never seen! 40

Secret Achievements

Ultra Atarian Ultra Atarian 0 Congoatulations you obtained all the possible achievements. 100