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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans Achievements

Find all the Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

THE END? THE END? 0 Complete the game 20
THE END! THE END! 0 Complete the game in HARD mode 50
TRIGGHY TRIGGHY 0 Complete the dune buggy race under 3 minutes and 17 seconds 40
SUPER SNOOPER SUPER SNOOPER 0 Complete a level using only Bud's shove attack or Terence's run kick attack 15
PING PONG PING PONG 0 Do a 'ping pong' combo at least x4 times 10
HORSE HORSE 0 Terence do 'horse' movement on the same enemy twice 10
STRIKE STRIKE 0 Bud throw the same enemy against other enemies for at least 4 times 15
SCIENTIST SCIENTIST 0 Complete the Laboratory level without using shoulder or flying kicks 30
BULLDOZER BULLDOZER 0 Complete the Lunapark level without collecting powerup in hard mode 40
PATRICK PATRICK 0 Talk to Patrick 20
ALBIMAX ALBIMAX 0 Talk to Albimax 20
I'M STILL HUNGRY I'M STILL HUNGRY 0 Get at least 120 points in the beer and sausages contest 30
BEER! BEER! 0 Drink at least three mugs of beer in the beer and sausage contest 30
CHOW DOWN CHOW DOWN 0 Win the beer and sausage contest without making any mistakes 40
CRAYFISH TRIGGHY CRAYFISH TRIGGHY 0 Win the Dune buggy race using only the reverse in hard mode 40
SAFETY FIRST SAFETY FIRST 0 Complete the chase without accidents with the other cars 50
METAL BEANS SOLID METAL BEANS SOLID 0 Reach the laboratory elevator without having triggered the alarm 40
WHO FINDS A FRIEND FINDS A TREASURE WHO FINDS A FRIEND FINDS A TREASURE 0 Save your partner three times in the same level 30
IT'S MINE IT'S MINE 0 Steal a beer with life to the maximum to your partner who is about to die 30
BATMAN BATMAN 0 Make three 'Batman' attacks in a row 15
BANANA JOE BANANA JOE 0 Slide the same enemy three times on a banana 20
MY NAME IS NOBODY MY NAME IS NOBODY 0 Win all the duels without making a mistake in hard mode 40
LET HER PLAY LET HER PLAY 0 Leave the child on the Lunapark carousel for more than a minute 30
SAD STORY SAD STORY 0 Listen to the touching story of the dwarf on stilts without interrupting him 30
CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO 0 Ride up to the train dodging all the crates 20
EASY RIDER EASY RIDER 0 Reach the plane by motorcycle dodging all the crates 30
MEN IN BLACK MEN IN BLACK 0 Dress up Bud and Terence in black 40
BACK TO FAGIOLI BACK TO FAGIOLI 0 Reach the speed of 88 miles per hour during highway chase 20
SPAGHETTI SNIPER SPAGHETTI SNIPER 0 Defeat the sheriff on the train without missing a shot 30
PUNCHING BALL PUNCHING BALL 0 Pass the Lunapark pungiball on the first shot with Terence 30
FRUIT NINJA FRUIT NINJA 0 Dodge any fruit that is thrown into the supermarket 40
ARE YOU HURT? ARE YOU HURT? 0 Defeat at least 10 enemies with carts, doors and fridges in Miami 20
WARNING! WARNING! 0 Defeat at least one enemy using the crane 20
THE LAST VALZER THE LAST VALZER 0 Complete a waltz without being hit 55