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Treadnauts Achievements

Find all the Treadnauts achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Economical Economical 0 Destroy two enemies with one shot! 50
Participant Participant 0 Earn a medal on every Target Test 50
Contender Contender 0 Earn a silver medal on every Target Test 100
Olympian Olympian 0 Earn a gold medal on every Target Test 200
Air Legs Air Legs 0 Stay in the air for 7 seconds 50
Lunar Lambo Lunar Lambo 0 Win a game of Astronauts 50
Pilot's License Pilot's License 0 Reach level 10 50
Stop Worrying and Love The Ball Stop Worrying and Love The Ball 0 Zap someone while riding the Science Ball 50
True Treadnaut True Treadnaut 0 Reach level 30 50
Spirit Seer Spirit Seer 0 Clash a bullet with an afterlife target 50
Phynessed Phynessed 0 Get 100 kills with physics objects 50
DONT TREAD ON ME DONT TREAD ON ME 0 Squash 100 tanks 100
Popoff Pauper Popoff Pauper 0 Pop off on the win screen 50

Secret Achievements

Leviathan Leviathan 0 Win a 3v1 Team Attack 50
Centrifugal Flex Centrifugal Flex 0 Shoot yourself with a shell in the lobby 50