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Armored Warfare Achievements

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1040 points.

Kuzma's Mother Kuzma's Mother 0 Destroy 30 enemy vehicles with T-72 ╩║Ural╩║ 30
Not Rocket Science Not Rocket Science 0 Destroy 15 enemy vehicles with ATGMs 10
The Good the Bad and the Ugly The Good the Bad and the Ugly 0 Capture no less 3 points and destroy no less 3 goals in one GLOBAL OPS game without respawning. 20
A Piece of Art A Piece of Art 0 Survive 3 battles on M60A2 "Starship" without destroying any enemies 10
The Great Wall The Great Wall 0 Block 10000 damage with Type 85-IIM 20
Luck of the Irish Luck of the Irish 0 While playing in a Scorpion in PvP or PvE survive the battle with less than 10% HP left 30
I'll be back I'll be back 0 Revive yourself 10 times in PvE-operations, playing in a BMPT-72 10
Fortunate Son Fortunate Son 0 Win 10 PvP games with M551 Sheridan, while getting destroyed during the battle 20
Ninja Bear Ninja Bear 0 Destroy 10 vehicles in PvP, without being spotted, playing in a Pl-01 30
It ain't over 'til it's over It ain't over 'til it's over 0 Destroy a T-14 Armata using a Challenger 2 in PvP 10
Easting Kings Easting Kings 0 Destroy 5 vehicles in a row without taking damage playing in a M1A1 in PvP 50
Snipers' Tank Snipers' Tank 0 Destroy 15 vehicles while playing in a Centauro in PvE-operations 10
Bulwark Baron Bulwark Baron 0 Deploy the anti-tank pillbox wildcard 5 times in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode 10
Odysseus Odysseus 0 Destroy 5 enemy drones in GLOBAL OPERATIONS mode 20
Good Morning Good Morning 0 Destroy at least 2 enemies with a single airstrike during a single GLOBAL OPERATIONS mission 30
Survivorship Bias Survivorship Bias 0 Win 10 PvP random battles being the last survivor in the team 30
19000 feet 19000 feet 0 Destroy 5 MBTs with HE shells during one match 30
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Destroy an enemy vehicle jumping on it from above 20
Black Shuck Black Shuck 0 Ride 10000 miles 30
Shell We Shell We 0 Win a PvP random battle spending less than 10 shells. 20
Up for a Challenge Up for a Challenge 0 Own every Challenger tank in the game 30
Warhammer Warhammer 0 Own an elite M3A2 Bradley 30
All your base are belong to us All your base are belong to us 0 Capture enemy bases 10 times during PvP random battles 10
D-Day D-Day 0 Destroy 30 enemy vehicles while standing in the water 20
Dragon Rising Dragon Rising 0 Own an elite Type-98 30
Size matters Size matters 0 Destroy at least 5 enemies in a single PvP game while playing in a VBL 30
Where is the Infantry? Where is the Infantry? 0 Destroy 50 BMDs and BMPs in PvP random battles 20
Firefighter Firefighter 0 Destroy a burning enemy vehicle 10
Evacuation on duty Evacuation on duty 0 Destroy an immobilized enemy vehicle 20
Call of the Battlefield Call of the Battlefield 0 Unlock 100 modules 30
My AMS are purely defensive My AMS are purely defensive 0 Destroy 20 ATGMS with AMS 10
Daredevil Daredevil 0 Destroy an enemy vehicle that is undetected, playing in PvP random battle 10
Big Brother Big Brother 0 Win 20 PvE-operations while playing in the artillery 20
United Arms Dealers United Arms Dealers 0 Own at least a Tier 7 vehicle of every dealer in the game 50
Expendables Expendables 0 Own any rank 15 commander in the game 50
Uncle Scrooge Uncle Scrooge 0 Own a fortune of 50 million credits 50
Best job ever Best job ever 0 Unlock all available Achievements 100
The definition of insanity The definition of insanity 0 Complete any Caribbean Crisis mission on hardcore difficulty 10
You even shoot? You even shoot? 0 Complete at least 3 Carribean Crisis missions without getting any damage 30
Where is Georgia? Where is Georgia? 0 Complete all missions of Black Sea Incursion on Challenging difficulty 10
A sip of wine A sip of wine 0 Complete all missions of Black Sea Incursion on Hardcore difficulty 30