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Onimusha: Warlords Achievements

Full list of Onimusha: Warlords achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Onimusha: Warlords has 55 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Your Soul is Mine Your Soul is Mine 0 Use the gauntlet to absorb demon souls. 15
Lightning Strikes Lightning Strikes 0 Obtain the Shiden. 15
Raging Flames Raging Flames 0 Obtain the Kouen. 15
A Storm is Coming A Storm is Coming 0 Obtain the Arashi. 15
The Silent Thinker The Silent Thinker 0 Solve the crest puzzle. 15
Keep to Yourself Keep to Yourself 0 Enter the abandoned keep. 15
Occult Unsealed Occult Unsealed 0 Unseal the path to the Keep Underground. 15
Wish I Had This Sooner! Wish I Had This Sooner! 0 Obtain the Sacred Knife. 15
Glimmering Waters Glimmering Waters 0 Use the Decorated Sword to enter the East Area. 15
When Worlds Collide When Worlds Collide 0 Open the gate to the Demon World. 15
Just Halfway Just Halfway 0 Complete the first half of the Dark Realm. 15
A Survivor to the End A Survivor to the End 0 Complete the second half of the Dark Realm. 30
Blunt Sword, Sharp Mind Blunt Sword, Sharp Mind 0 Complete the game on Normal without enhancing swords or using Jewels. 65
The Ultimate Champion The Ultimate Champion 0 Complete the game on Ultimate difficulty. 15
None for Me, Thanks None for Me, Thanks 0 Complete the game on Normal without using herbs or medicine. 30
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Complete the game in less than 3 hours. 30
Pro-nimusha Pro-nimusha 0 Complete the game and get an S Rank. 65
Ogre Savior Ogre Savior 0 Complete all stages of Oni Spirits. 30
Sight Beyond Sight Sight Beyond Sight 0 Obtain the Vision Staff. 15
Near, Far, Wherever You Are Near, Far, Wherever You Are 0 Obtain all long-range weapons. 15
Armor Collector Armor Collector 0 Obtain all armor for Samanosuke. 15
Demons Die Now Demons Die Now 0 Obtain the Bishamon Sword. 15
Walking Encyclopedia Walking Encyclopedia 0 Collect all files. 15
Never Lost Never Lost 0 Collect all maps. 15
All for One, One for Fluorite All for One, One for Fluorite 0 Collect all Fluorite. 30
Panda-monium Panda-monium 0 Unlock Samanosuke's alternate outfit. 15
Scantily-Clad Jutsu Scantily-Clad Jutsu 0 Unlock Kaede's alternate outfit. 15
Enhance! Enhance! 0 Enhance equipment at Magic Mirror. 15
Gaunt and Done It Gaunt and Done It 0 Enhance the gauntlet to maximum. 15
Max Swords Max Swords 0 Enhance all swords to maximum. 15
Max Orbs Max Orbs 0 Enhance all orbs to maximum. 15
Demonic Vitality Demonic Vitality 0 Use Power Jewels to increase Vitality to maximum. 15
Magic Overload Magic Overload 0 Use Magic Jewels to increase Magic Power to maximum. 15
All in a Day's Work All in a Day's Work 0 Save a soldier under attack by demons. 15
Deadly Strike Deadly Strike 0 Use a Special Attack to kill a demon. 15
Secret Ninja Skills Secret Ninja Skills 0 Strike a demon with Kaede's Special Attack. 15
See You Next Fall See You Next Fall 0 Defeat a demon by knocking it down the waterfall. 15
Road Kill Road Kill 0 Kill a demon with a battering ram. 15
Mano A Mano Mano A Mano 0 Win a power struggle with a demon. 15
Luck? Yeah, Right. Luck? Yeah, Right. 0 Solve all number puzzles. 15
Decrypter, Table for One Decrypter, Table for One 0 Solve all decoder boxes. 15
Soul Whisperer Soul Whisperer 0 Obtain the Rosary of Communication. 15
Two to Tango Two to Tango 0 Speak to the first and second old moth man. 15

Secret Achievements

Vengeance Vengeance 0 Defeat Osric. 15
Slaying in the Moonlight Slaying in the Moonlight 0 Defeat Marcellus. 15
There Can Be Only One There Can Be Only One 0 Defeat Stylado. 15
Axe-ecutioner Axe-ecutioner 0 Defeat Barabazuu. 15
Pest Exterminator Pest Exterminator 0 Defeat Hecuba. 15
Elite Demon Slayer Elite Demon Slayer 0 Defeat Marcellus's final form. 15
Save the Princess Save the Princess 0 Defeat Fortinbras. 15
One Chance One Chance 0 Strike Marcellus's final form with a Deflect Critical attack. 15
Fall's Flight Fall's Flight 0 Spot the flock of wild geese at dusk. 15
Undying Summer Undying Summer 0 Find the beetle on the tree trunk. 15
All Lives Big and Small All Lives Big and Small 0 Absorb souls from carp. 15
Bamboo-zled! Bamboo-zled! 0 Cut down bamboo in the bamboo forest. 15