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Time Carnage Achievements

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

I'm Not That Bad I'm Not That Bad 0 Achieve Bronze in all challenges. 15
Carnage Carnage 0 Complete the story on "Easy" difficulty. 15
Zombie Nation Zombie Nation 0 Complete 4th Millennium on story 15
Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 0 Complete Mesozoic Era on story 15
Mr Robot Mr Robot 0 Complete 6th Millennium on story 15
Frozen Frozen 0 Complete 4th Century BC on story 15
Bored? Bored? 0 Played all modes 10
I'm Pretty Good I'm Pretty Good 0 Achieve Silver in all challenges. 30
Bloody Carnage Bloody Carnage 0 Complete the story on "Normal" difficulty. 30
Slippery  Devil Slippery Devil 0 Take no damage for an entire level in the story mode. 30
Bring The Peace Bring The Peace 0 Shoot 250,000 bullets. 30
Headmaster Headmaster 0 Get 500 Headshots. 30
Mexican Wave Mexican Wave 0 Survive 25 waves in Arcade 30
Dead No Longer Walking Dead No Longer Walking 0 Kill 1000 Zombies. 90
Boner Boner 0 Kill 1000 Skelton Army. 90
Do Not Compute Do Not Compute 0 Kill 1000 Robots. 90
Shoot Her Shoot Her 0 Kill 1000 Dinosaurs. 90
I'm the Dogs B I'm the Dogs B 0 Achieve Gold in all challenges. 90
Extreme Carnage Extreme Carnage 0 Complete the story on "Hard" difficulty. 90
Greedy Greedy 0 Unlock all the weapons. 90
Perky Perky 0 Unlock all the perks. 90