Train Sim World: West Somerset Railway Achievements

Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games

There are 8 achievements with a total of 95 points.

WSR: Tourist Attraction WSR: Tourist Attraction 0 Complete 47 passenger boarding tasks 10
CL47: Star Tours CL47: Star Tours 0 Operate the Class 47 for 470 miles 20
CL09: Gronk on the go CL09: Gronk on the go 0 Operate the Class 09 for 90 miles 20
WSR: Star Pupil WSR: Star Pupil 0 Complete Class 47 Introduction tutorial 5
WSR: Gronk Graduate WSR: Gronk Graduate 0 Complete Class 09 Introduction tutorial 5
WSR: West Country Wonderer WSR: West Country Wonderer 0 Complete all of the available services 15
WSR: Preserving Heritage WSR: Preserving Heritage 0 Collect all collectables on West Somerset Railway 10
WSR: Summer Vacation WSR: Summer Vacation 0 Complete all scenarios on West Somerset Railway 10

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