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Pillar Achievements

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There are 10 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Distant Distant 0 Understand the Distant personality. (Note 100% complete) 100
Focused Focused 0 Understand the Focused personality. (Note 100% complete) 100
Giving / Capable Giving / Capable 0 Understand the Giving and Capable personalities. (Note 100% complete) 200
Enduring / Renewing Enduring / Renewing 0 Understand the Enduring and Renewing personalities. (Note 100% complete) 100
Pillar Found Pillar Found 0 Find the Pillar. 100
Great Knowledge and Understanding Great Knowledge and Understanding 0 Understand the Pillar. 200
The First Piece The First Piece 0 Find your first note piece. 50
Let There Be Light Let There Be Light 0 Solve the first light post puzzle. 50

Secret Achievements

Enter Heaven Enter Heaven 0 Find heaven. 50
Time Waster Time Waster 0 Make $100,000 as the Businessman. 50