Home Sweet Home Achievements

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There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

I will find my place I will find my place 0 Collect all Jane's diary. 150
Cursed Cursed 0 Collect all the collectable items 150
Somewhere it should belong to Somewhere it should belong to 0 Collect a part of ripped photos 50
She belongs to me She belongs to me 0 Collect all parts of ripped photos 150
Wake up baby Wake up baby 0 Escape to the house. Our only lovely home.. 50
Baozi Delivery Baozi Delivery 0 Feed the Preta and escape back to the real world 50
Love means something Love means something 0 Witness the final tragic moment of Belle and Shane. Everything should end here. 50
Wherever you go Wherever you go 0 Finish the outro. Where it is not the end yet. 200
Hide and seek Hide and seek 0 Hide in the Dragon's Jar. The tradition of some Thai's Ghost Movie. 50
Paperwork Paperwork 0 Successfully create your own ID card instead of finding one. 50
Hide in the box Hide in the box 0 Acquire Cherry's ID card from her locker instead of making one. 50