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Unexplored: Unlocked Edition Achievements

Full list of Unexplored: Unlocked Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Swordsman Swordsman 0 You defeated 50 enemies with a single (swingable) sword. 10
Nimble Fingers Nimble Fingers 0 You picked a lock on a door or a chest. 25
Batteries not Included Batteries not Included 0 You recharged a spent magic staff. 20
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 You collected 48 arrows. 10
Rest the Bones Rest the Bones 0 You put a skeleton permanently to rest. 25
Tribal Teeth Tribal Teeth 0 You crafted a necklace of Orc teeth. 40
Saint George Saint George 0 You slayed a real Dragon! 80
Brave or Foolish? Brave or Foolish? 0 You discovered 7 levels in a hard game after starting with no equipment. 80
Dodge This! Dodge This! 0 You killed a Boss with a pistol or musket. 25
Blood, Sweat and Magic Blood, Sweat and Magic 0 You forged a runic item. 25
No More to Explore? No More to Explore? 0 You discovered all levels in the Dungeon of Doom. 50
Deep Delver Deep Delver 0 You discovered 5 levels in the Dungeon of Doom. 20
Explorer (Mithril Run) Explorer (Mithril Run) 0 You visited all 9 floors in the dungeon. 50
You shall not Pass! (Mithril Run) You shall not Pass! (Mithril Run) 0 You defeated the Balrog as the Wizard. 50
Mithril Miner (Mithril Run) Mithril Miner (Mithril Run) 0 You collected 12 pieces of Mithril ore as the Dwarf Warrior. 20
Sneaky Git (Mithril Run) Sneaky Git (Mithril Run) 0 You performed 20 stealth kills as the Halfling Rogue. 25
Stingy (Mithril Run) Stingy (Mithril Run) 0 You collected 72 arrows as the Elf Archer. 25
Geared Up (Mithril Run) Geared Up (Mithril Run) 0 You crafted a magic shield as the Human Warrior. 20
Frugal (Ripley Run) Frugal (Ripley Run) 0 You didn't fire your bow until you reached the Living Quarters. 25
Exterminator (Ripley Run) Exterminator (Ripley Run) 0 You killed 100 Creeps. 25
Knee-Deep (Ripley Run) Knee-Deep (Ripley Run) 0 You scored 250 kills. 25
Ripped Her (Ripley Run) Ripped Her (Ripley Run) 0 You defeated the Visitor Queen. 50
Dual Wielding (Ripley Run) Dual Wielding (Ripley Run) 0 You found another repeater crossbow. 25
Thorough (Ripley Run) Thorough (Ripley Run) 0 You visited all 11 floors in the Mining Colony. 50
Into the Abyss (Dark Ritual) Into the Abyss (Dark Ritual) 0 You climbed down a chasm. 25
No Stone Unturned (Dark Ritual) No Stone Unturned (Dark Ritual) 0 You explored all 10 levels of the Dark Ritual. 50
An Audience (Dark Ritual) An Audience (Dark Ritual) 0 You reached the court of the Crimson King. 50
Fearless (Dark Ritual) Fearless (Dark Ritual) 0 You defeated a Wraith. 25
Spell Caster (Dark Ritual) Spell Caster (Dark Ritual) 0 You cast a spell to reveal a treasure. 25
The Magic Circle (Dark Ritual) The Magic Circle (Dark Ritual) 0 You found the Ritual Location. 25