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Skyhill Achievements

Full list of Skyhill achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Skyhill has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Wrestler Wrestler 0 Kill an enemy with your bare hands 21
Praise the Sun! Praise the Sun! 0 Fix all panels during one playthrough 22
Panacea Panacea 0 Cure a poisoning 22
Secret Files Secret Files 0 Collect all notes in the game 22
Bright Mind Bright Mind 0 Craft any weapon 22
Survivor? Survivor? 0 Complete the game 21
Special Guest Special Guest 0 Get the alternative ending 21
Oblivion Oblivion 0 Get secret ending 22
Scavanger Scavanger 0 Loot the dead bird 22
Outta my Way! Outta my Way! 0 One-shot the parasite 22
Bad Neighborhood Bad Neighborhood 0 Upgrade your Door to max level 22
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence 0 Chat with the computer 22
Indigestion Indigestion 0 Get food-poisoning 22
Master Survivalist Master Survivalist 0 Complete the game on Hardcore 22
Mutual Benefit Mutual Benefit 0 Barter something with the old man 22
Сlose Shave Сlose Shave 0 Win a battle with 5 or less health 21
Cleaning Service Cleaning Service 0 Kill 10 enemies in the row with a mop 22
Intruder Intruder 0 Open a card lock 22
Get used to it! Get used to it! 0 Die 22
I can't remember... I can't remember... 0 Use Amnesia perk 22
Sleepyhead Sleepyhead 0 Upgrade your Bed to max level 22
Unfair Fight Unfair Fight 0 Fight with two enemies in one combat and win 21
Belissimo! Belissimo! 0 Upgrade your Kitchen to max level and cook something 22
Assistant Assistant 0 Craft 3 medium medkits 22
Vegan Vegan 0 Complete the game and only eat veggies 21
Papa will be proud! Papa will be proud! 0 Upgrade your Workbench to max level 22
Security Guard Security Guard 0 Check the cameras 22
Last Whisper Last Whisper 0 Release the hanged man 22
Jet Li Jet Li 0 Dodge 3 hits in a row 22
Survival TV Survival TV 0 Turn on the TV 21
Оffice Routine Оffice Routine 0 Print the document 21
Socialization Socialization 0 Read 3 SMS 22
Survivalist Survivalist 0 Reach level 7 with your character 21
Wait...How do I do that? Wait...How do I do that? 0 Critically hit the enemy for 60+ damage. 21
Glass is half... Glass is half... 0 Reach the 50th floor 22
Are you kiddin' me? Are you kiddin' me? 0 Die in any of the lowest 10 floors 21
I've seen everything! I've seen everything! 0 Explore every room in one playthrough 22
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero 0 Follow the legend 22
Wonderful Mechanic Wonderful Mechanic 0 Fix the elevator without any items 21
Bad Habit Bad Habit 0 Die 20 times 22
Push the Button! Push the Button! 0 Use Mysterious Device perk 22
Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in luck? 0 Use Lucky Bastard perk 22
Deduction Deduction 0 Use Deductive Method perk 22
Barlon Mrando Barlon Mrando 0 Use Retro Cinema perk 22
Second Wind Second Wind 0 Use Hard Times perk 22
Are you serious?! Are you serious?! 0 Die 100 times 22