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Shadow of Loot Box Achievements

Full list of Shadow of Loot Box achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 13 achievements worth a total of 1000 points.

First step First step 0 Complete the first level 80
Spender Spender 0 Spend all the money 80
Fully armed Fully armed 0 Get all the weapons 80
Explorer Explorer 0 Find 30 loot boxes 80
Robber Robber 0 Rob the caravan 80
Finish the game Finish the game 0 Complete the game 80
Master Master 0 Get the 13th level 80
Assassin Assassin 0 Take a leap of faith 80
Breakfast of Champions Breakfast of Champions 0 Eat a carrot from a snowman 80
Triple Kill Triple Kill 0 Kill Wanderer three times 80
Just this time Just this time 0 Purchase 1 item on store 80
Jumper Jumper 0 Purchase jump skill 60
One more time One more time 0 Spend half the money on store 60