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Thief of Thieves Achievements

Find all the Thief of Thieves achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 53 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Pool Party Pool Party 0 Took an unexpected dip. 18
Clean Getaway Clean Getaway 0 Performed a clean heist. 18
Smashing! Smashing! 0 Broke on through to the other side. 18
Bon Appetit Bon Appetit 0 Investigated the food industry. 18
Chlorine Jockey Chlorine Jockey 0 Walked in someone else's overalls. 18
Just Be Yourself Just Be Yourself 0 Took the direct approach. 18
Drinks by the Pool Drinks by the Pool 0 Went to party like it's the 80's. 18
Hands off me! Hands off me! 0 Confronted a mean drunk. 18
Easy Access Easy Access 0 Found an alternative to lockpicking. 18
Attention to Detail Attention to Detail 0 Paid attention to relevant details. 18
Multitalent Multitalent 0 You took matters into your own hands. 18
Happy Chappy Happy Chappy 0 Made a nerd happy. 18
Not Totally Hopeless Not Totally Hopeless 0 Got approval from a tough crowd. 18
La De Dah La De Dah 0 Impressed a sceptic. 18
Lifelong Learning Lifelong Learning 0 You weren't showing off, you're just that good. 18
Social Awareness Social Awareness 0 Caught a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease. 18
Underestimated Her Underestimated Her 0 Were too witty for your own good. 18
Bromance Bromance 0 Peered into the past. 18
Waltzing In Waltzing In 0 Took the direct approach. 18
Now You See Me... Now You See Me... 0 Scoped out the surveillance. 18
...Now You Don't ...Now You Don't 0 Erased the evidence of discressions past. 18
The Off Switch The Off Switch 0 Found the controls. 18
Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold 0 Found out where to keep it cool. 18
Sans armes, ni haine, ni violence. Sans armes, ni haine, ni violence. 0 Refrained from base thuggery. 18
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Is this what they call dumpster diving? 18
Not made for this Not made for this 0 Gave some life saving advice. 18
Party Pooper Party Pooper 0 Ran into a complication. 18
Plan B Plan B 0 Followed your mentor's lead. 18
It's on Now! It's on Now! 0 Revealed a phony. 18
Dropped the Ball Dropped the Ball 0 That escalated quickly. 18
Good Riddance Good Riddance 0 I knew it, can't trust a druggie. 18
Flotsam Flotsam 0 Took out the trash. 18
Team of One Team of One 0 Trusted yourself. 18
Upgraded Access Upgraded Access 0 Diversified your options. 18
Customer Service Customer Service 0 Made an employee go above and beyond. 18
Straight Up Straight Up 0 Went straight on up. 18
Just passing through! Just passing through! 0 No time for disguises. 18
...And Off She Goes ...And Off She Goes 0 Got rid of a nosy pest. 18
Hard Evidence Hard Evidence 0 Played a trump card. 18
Nerd Locker Nerd Locker 0 Took out a cog from Pavoni's plan. 18
Psycho Containment Psycho Containment 0 Caged a beast. 18
Delegate Delegate 0 Let a teammate do their thing. 18
The Big Bluff The Big Bluff 0 Talked your way through it. 18
Her Mentor's Voice Her Mentor's Voice 0 Did a little side-job. 18
Extreme Sports Extreme Sports 0 Caught some air. 18
Safety regulations Safety regulations 0 Didn't listen to a pro. 18
Coming in Hot! Coming in Hot! 0 Data theft, the analog way. 18
In Memoriam In Memoriam 0 Suffered a loss. 18
Closer Look Closer Look 0 Took in the scenery. 18
I've Got This I've Got This 0 Who needs experts when they have you? 18
Wroom! Wroom! 0 Played in the snow. 18
Yoink! Yoink! 0 Did the good old bump'n'grab. 18
What's Next? What's Next? 0 Time to change the scenery! 64