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Ori and the Blind Forest Achievements

Find all the Ori and the Blind Forest achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Journey Begins The Journey Begins 0 Completed the Prologue 20
The Ancient Being The Ancient Being 0 Met the Spirit Tree 20
Get back here! Get back here! 0 Discovered Gumo 20
Lets be Friends Lets be Friends 0 Rescued Gumo 40
Rotten Inside Rotten Inside 0 Entered the Ginso Tree 20
Run for your Life Run for your Life 0 Restored the heart of the Ginso Tree 60
Close call Close call 0 Escaped the rising waters of the Ginso Tree 20
Obtaining Clarity Obtaining Clarity 0 Cleared the Misty Woods 30
Solid Ground Solid Ground 0 Restored the winds of Nibel 60
Fight to live another day Fight to live another day 0 Escaped Kuro 20
Top of the World Top of the World 0 Obtained the Sunstone 40
Into the Fire Into the Fire 0 Entered Mt. Horu 20
Rekindle Rekindle 0 Restored the Element of Warmth 60
Love Love 0 Reunited with Naru 20
The Journey Ends The Journey Ends 0 Completed the game 100
Life Saver Life Saver 0 Created 50 Soul Links 10
Deadly Detonation Deadly Detonation 0 Killed 4 enemies simultaneously using Charge Flame. 10
Deadly Deflection Deadly Deflection 0 Killed 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles 10
A New Path A New Path 0 Opened 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame 10
Choices Choices Choices Choices 0 Used your first ability point 10
Deadly Dash Deadly Dash 0 Killed 5 enemies with Charge Jump 10
So many secrets So many secrets 0 Found your first secret 5
Seasoned Explorer Seasoned Explorer 0 Found 50% of all secrets 10
No stone unturned No stone unturned 0 Found all secrets 25
Marking the way Marking the way 0 Restored your first Map Stone 5
Halfway There Halfway There 0 Restored 50% of all Map Stones 10
World at your feet World at your feet 0 Restored all Map Stones 25
Good Eye Good Eye 0 Found the lost corridor in the Misty Woods 10
Safe and Sound Safe and Sound 0 Saved at every Spirit Portal 20
Master of the Forest Master of the Forest 0 Visited 100% of the map 10
Power Player Power Player 0 Collected 200 Energy Shards 15
Soul Master Soul Master 0 Earned all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree 15
Utility Master Utility Master 0 Earned all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree 15
Combat Master Combat Master 0 Earned all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree 15
Phenom Phenom 0 Earned all Skills in the Ability Tree 25
Powerhouse Powerhouse 0 Collected all Energy Cells 20
Master Guardian Master Guardian 0 Collected all Health Cells 20
Juggle Master Juggle Master 0 Juggled a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground 5
Bash Master Bash Master 0 Bashed off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground 5
Deadly Dodge Deadly Dodge 0 Tricked 5 enemies into killing another enemy 5
Flying Fury Flying Fury 0 Killed 3 enemies without touching the ground 5
Self Destruction Self Destruction 0 Caused an enemy to destroy itself 5
Crushing Blow Crushing Blow 0 Crushed a Ram with a Stomper 5
Stomp Master Stomp Master 0 Killed 50 enemies with Stomp 10
Blast Master Blast Master 0 Killed 100 enemies with Charge Flame 10
Flame Master Flame Master 0 Killed 500 enemies with Spirit Flame 10
Supersonic Supersonic 0 Finished the game in under 3 hours 25
Airborne Airborne 0 Double Jumped 5 times consecutively without touching the ground 10
Immortal Immortal 0 Completed whole game without dying 25
Elite Elite 0 Completed the whole game without using an Ability Point 25